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  1. We will have to agree to disagree. My wife has a green card and is a Slovak national. She is the mother of my two American children and has taken hunters safety in Montana and multiple concealed carry and defensive pistol and shotgun classes. She can legally purchase and own firearms and carry them openly or concealed. She has a duty to protect her family as do I. She has a social security number, a tax identification number, pays more in taxes than a majority of Americans, speaks our language and embraced it's culture. In my opinion, you have the same mind set as a liberal anti-gunner in this situation. It's not the tool, it's the individual. A scum bag could do just as much or more damage with a gallon of gas or a car. Our rights apply to everybody who is LEGALLY ON AMERICAN SOIL. Your family enjoyed those rights when they came over on the boat from europe or wherever. Same thing applies today. If green card holders can't own firearms then they can't practice religion freely or have freedom of speech. Would you want that? If so, please move to china. Lemon, your dealer screwed up and the mistake got on the radar when you tried to correct it. I believe you were supposed to check that box and not your dealer. You will have to re-apply and expect the full three days wait from now on. You may want to check into a concealed carry permit that will allow you to obtain your weapons that day. If you are interested in a can, sbr, sbs or aow... Set up a living trust. You may list multiple officers on the trust to take care of the trust and it's components. Good luck! I checked the rigth box on the form. I never checked the box on the from that said citizen, I checked the other one that had a blank space to say what country youre a citizen of. He did the background check on a computer, and in the forms on the computer he accidentally put U.S. citizen. Voonman, I hear you. I never claim to be a citizen though. Also I thought about the whole claiming citizenship thing right after he called me to tell me that I was denied when he tried to run a check the second time. I gave the gun back to him and then checked all the aplicable laws. Though I already knew that non-citizens cannot claim to be citizens, apperantly it only applies when you try to get governmnet benefits, or mortgages, or vote, etc. I'd never claim to be a citizen regardless. Basically the dealer messed up, and he admitted this to me. He said that the second time he ran the check, he didn't know where to put my immigration number (wtf?). He called NICS and they told him the number was too short. I'm assuming that he told them that im a non-immigrant alien or something else, something that would have a longer number. He said he had to argue with NICS to get them to accept the number I provided. Sigh. Hopefully I get that appeal form in the mail soon.
  2. the letter you get on why you got denied should have all the info in it for you to appeal the denial. I believe that you will need to send in fingerprints and other documentation I was under the impression that the fingerprint scenario is only true if there is an identity verification issue? I have a unique name and always supply SSN, and am required to supply a unique resident number. I think I got denied because the goofball FFL didn't know which number to supply to the NICS. All other stores take that number and make things happen. This goof FFL described to me how he had to argue with NICS to get them to accept my resident number, and that they said the number was wrong. Maybe he claimed I was a non-immigrant alien this time or something. Right now I only get a delay becasue NICS isnt linked to immigration, so they have to call and check if the resident number is in good standing. Once I am a citizen they wont have to do this. Do you think that I will now always get a delay (even after I get citizenship) becasue I got denied once?
  3. My favorite gunshop closed. The closest FFL is some guy who runs transfers from him house. I went there to pick up a transfer. Filled out the form as I always do. I am a premanent resident, not a U.S. citizen, and I filled out the form accordingly. Yes I can own guns, and have a carry permit. Theres a special field where I put my resident number and countries of citizenship. When the dealer was putting all the info into his computer to check my background, he accidentally had country of citizenship as "U.S. citizen", and then ran the check. The check passed instantly, which threw me off, because as a permanent resident I always get a delay. I pointed this out to him, but he said its all ok (WTF?). He sent me on my way with the gun. After getting some advice from an actual gun shop, I called him and asked if he could cancel/void the previous check and run a new one with all relevant info. He claims to have talked to all the relevant authorities to figure out how to do it properly, and that I got a deny. I have a squaky clean record. How do I appeal this? I went onto the FBI website and filled out a form with the transaction number, persoanl info, and a brief description of what happened. The site said that I would get a letter within 5 days or something like that. Even though it was the appeal form, the impression that I got from it is that they will just send me a letter with the reason why I was denied. What do I do to actually try and appeal this? Or did I do this right? Anyone have to appeal a deny before?
  4. Agent Lemon

    Taurus PT22

    Anyone own one? I want to know the dimensions of the grip. Length, width, height. A size comparison to a Glock19 would be nice. My Google-fu is not yielding anything other than 1inch width on the grip.
  5. Agent Lemon

    Slant brake and cleaning rod?

    The place where I got em no longer sells em. If the Polish ones worked, then all other normal AKM FSBs should fit.
  6. Agent Lemon

    Slant brake and cleaning rod?

    I've only converted Saigas in 7.62x39, all 4 of them in "AKM" configuration. Of course, you cannot use an AKM gas block, so it looks a bit off in that respect. I used new Polish AKM FSBs and they fit just fine. ez pz P.S. the AKM FSB will, in my experience, fit a Saiga in 7.62x39 just fine. I don't know what caliber rifle you want to work on, so make sure that it has the same OD as the 7.62x39 variant. The barrel has a slightly thicker part where the GB and FSB will be, so that they can be press fitted of whatever. The FSB on mine partially hangs off of the rear edge of this thicker portion. You can use a 1/8th inch pin (just a cunt hair thicker than the standard 3mm) to compensate for that rear pin/portion.
  7. Agent Lemon

    Shelf life of Ammo

    Depends on how it is stored. I have Russian ammo that was made in the 50's that still works. It is stored in air tight metal cans. Also I think maybe the primers might go out before the powder. Wasn't this the reason that the Soviet ammo was corrosive? A kind of life-prolonging salt added to the primer?
  8. Agent Lemon

    American Eagle ammo?

    Sounds like it is a reputable brand. The dirt on the bullets really threw me off though, as I have never seen that before. I thought that it was tarnish at first, but its only the bullet, and it has a texture. Maybe as one poster above said, it is the result of hurried manufacturing to supply today's starved market?
  9. This baby-seeking, cop-killing assualt knife has no sporting purpose! Why would anybody even need that! We need to introduce some new legislation right away!
  10. Agent Lemon

    American Eagle ammo?

    When I scrape the black stuff off, it reveals a shiny copper color. I thought that it was a lack of metal jacket at first, but that does not seem to be the case. ALSO, I just thought about this, but I am not sure. The specks that were on my spare targets MAY HAVE been pieces from the lane dividers. They are made of wood and coated with some stuff, and the Makarov ejects kind of violently due to it being a straight blowback design. No way of telling right now though, since I left the range a few hours ago.
  11. That is badass! The only wtf thing that I have seen was attaching a compensator to a Tokarev, since the Tok is a ww2 piece and all. Nothing like a dragons head attachment .
  12. Okay, it was all the sellers fault. Contacted the manufacturer, and was told that the ammo is from 2007. Was probably badly stored too. Anybody use it? Is it high quality? I picked up some in the 9x18mm variety. I don't usually buy U.S. made ammo due to the calibers of my guns, but this time American Eagle was all that I could find. Bought it off ammoman for a retarded price. Since I don't usually buy U.S. made ammo, I do not know the quality difference in American brands. First thing that I noticed, was that the bullets were dirty. Then while at the range, I kept getting what looked like bits and pieces of that same dirt, and maybe some unburnt powder, that would fall on the spare targets on the bench. I was shooting the pistol maybe 2-3 feet right above the extra targets. When I got home, I noticed that the muzzle of the gun was very dirty (100 rounds through it today). I believe that it was much dirtier than after shooting the same amount of Brown Bear through the gun. Is this normal for American Eagle brand? Did I get a batch that went horribly wrong? What gives? The ammo shot fine and was okay other than the strange things mentioned above.
  13. Listen, they invented gunpowder. What more do you want? Ha, yeah okay, got me there. I still feel offended that they copy all the cool stuff for some reason.
  14. Agent Lemon

    Saiga 5.45 converted @JGSales $799

    Thanks for the images Landis. I have heard before of welded bullet guides coming off from functioning rifles just from regular use. How disgusting. Luckily, you were able to remove the botched bullet guide, and will be able to install a proper one. I wonder if the welding messed with the temper of the front trunnion metal? Can you tell me what the rivets on the trigger guard are like? Or is it screwed in? Does it have a raised head rear rivet on the trigger guard, if it is indeed riveted in?
  15. I am having a heart attack right now, even though I have heard about this before. Why is it that whenever the glorious motherland invents something, their greedy, polluting neighbors to the south always copy it? I don't know or care if it will be quality, but just the fact that they copy everything is offensive. INVENT SOMETHING ORIGINAL YOU FUCKS! Hopefully the introduction of these things will make the S12 become cheaper due to competition.