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  1. Coming Soon: BitStocks! Shares of imaginary companies that don't exist.
  2. I can't disagree with any of these reviews. It is expensive but a little bit goes a long way. I've only tried the liquid but I heat everything up with a lamp or heat gun, then apply with a very small paintbrush. On certain moving/friction parts I leave a very light coating and everything so far runs smooth as silk. (PS: I neither sell nor am I affiliated with this company) When I got this stuff i also got a bunch of bore snakes. Between those two additions, it makes CLP'ing much easier and more effective. I've also put it on wood and polymer and wasn't sorry I did.
  3. Bump to the top. What's the consensus on Frog Lube?
  4. This is pretty bluesy and it's new. Most of the new music blows.
  5. Great job man. We like our three dogs more than we like most people and will share our last bites of food with them. Way to go!
  6. Somebody skimmed the video and threw it on youtube. That's not going back in the bottle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyHMcnZyqi8
  7. WilliamBanzai7 is incredibly talented and funny. ZH is mainly a financial site styled after the movie "Fight Club", sometimes very technical, but always with biting sarcasm. I like it because they manage to check the left/right politics crap at the door. It's like the ultimate anti-social network. A few years ago there was no up/down vote option on the comments. There was just a "junk" button. Some of the comments are hilarious and it's practically impossible to get kicked off. Plus...there is a lot of talk lately about...guns! Molon labe bitchez!
  8. Meanwhile In Los Angeles... http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-11/meanwhile-los-angeles Dude in LA is wearing a t-shirt that reads "I am not Chris Dorner Please Don't Shoot Me" lol
  9. I really like the stuff. I followed the instructions and removed the existing petroleum lubricants with denatured alcohol. Then I used a heat gun to get everything hot and applied the Froglube (liquid) with a paint brush. Wiped everything clean and repeated the process. Just a couple of pulls with the bore snake and they've never been cleaner. It leaves everything with an odd slippery feel. Plus, it won't ruin your clothing so the bore snakes can go right in the washing machine. Faded receiver covers etc. are now a nice shiny black. @ 17 bucks for a 4 .oz bottle they certainly don't give it aw
  10. The economy is so good I started Christmas shopping for myself now /s. Not very exciting but...I got three bore snakes and a bottle of Froglube.
  11. Mancat gives good advice there. Try to fit the mag in and use a dental pick or something similar to see what it's hitting that prevents it from locking.
  12. Clonezilla is free and can do practically anything. http://clonezilla.org/ This "Ultimate Boot CD" is also free and has many useful metal to metal utilities. http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ Gotta be careful though because some of it gets in there pretty deep.
  13. This world has become so wacky it would come as no surprise if all guns were seized and handed over to Golman Sachs to bundle and sell them to drug cartels as "Gun Backed Securities".
  14. Maybe try this before bending or grinding. Let the main spring button go in the receiver cover hole a little before pushing it forward. Then give it a firm "moscow tap" straight down. There is a trick to it and it takes a little practice. I love hearing it snap in to place. It was on there before right? Don't get frustrated; if you don't get it on tonight just do it tomorrow.
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