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Saiga 12 Vendors

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Welcome to the board lut.

You would be well off with any of the fine dealers that sponser this site.

do a little digging with the search tab and you can find an answer to just about anything you could think of.

Good luck.

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I picked a virgin / unmolested Saiga 12 (Сайга-12) at my local dealer (Target World) for $588. With tax, I left at $626. I bought the last one! I had my heart set on the Red Jacket Saiga 12 I saw the day earlier for $1200, but the Red Jacket was gone. I liked the Red Jacket because it was a semiautomatic magazine feed shotgun. I really did not know what a Saiga 12 was at the time, but the dealer said I would be better off with the stock version and modifying the gun myself. He was talking something about all this "making it legal" stuff which made me feel uncomfortable! So I walked out of the store with my new gun, came home to look up what a Saiga 12 was and what this legal stuff was about. I found the forum, found out what 922 complaint is all about, and I am now on my way to getting my new toy up to snuff!


See you, Shimaze


PS> I did manage to get two 20 round drums from the E-store before they sold out!

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