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Advice needed: determining length of adjustable stock before pinning

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Sorry in advance for the length, hope that folks will take the time to read & weigh-in. Thanks.


I'm installing a KickLite (M4 style) stock. I can't use an adjustable stock where I live, so I need to permanently pin before I can fire it. This is my first SG, and I only have 1 session/200 rounds with it (with the 9.25" Warsaw-length Tapco). My V12 will likely be 99.99% paper target shooting/fun (indoor & outdoor), plus home def in the unlikely event such a situation came up and I also had the time & desire to get to the V12 over my (closer) .45. If I used at home, frankly I suspect I'd be unlikely to have my eyes "behind the sight" which I'd find disorienting due to my vision. Rather, it would more likely be shouldered, with my head full-upright. Worked just fine accuracy-wise for the first 200 rounds... But those are my initial, amateur thoughts.


I'm 6'1 and a longer stock feels good to me untested (when holding at home). Also note that a KickLite stock allows ~3/4" of compression on recoil but I'm not sure that's relevant. I'll rule out the fully-collapsed position (9 3/4" with pad). 2 real choices remain:


10.5" NATO length (1 click). Or 11.25" (2 clicks). I see people out there who like 10.5" NATO, but I'm not noticing anyone arguing for longer?


10.5" is easier to bring to shoulder, doesn't catch on my shirt so much, etc... But there's also something that feels good about the 11.25" position that I can't put my finger on yet, maybe sort of like how shouldering a hunting rifle feels good. Does anyone feel both choices should get equal weight to start with, or should I really be trying to keep it at 10.5" as tried-and-true?


Are there any decent metrics that might help me figure out which of the 2 positions would be better for me for a shotgun/this application?


Thoughts/advice much appreciated.

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To measure your length of pull, bend your elbow to a 90 d angle and measure from the inside of your elbow to the first knuckle on your trigger finger. That should be the measurement from the trigger to the back of the butt pad on your gun.

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Yeoldetool, thanks for the response.


After researching this more, I am choosing NATO length (including recoil-reduction buttpad), which is "1 click back" in my original post.


Keeping in mind everyone is built a little different, and the "right" answer is what works for each person, here are a few of the points/thoughts that came up while looking into this, in case it's helpful to anyone:

  • This is a pistol gripped, AK platform firearm with rifle sights. Cannot simply treat it like a traditional "sporting" shotgun with regards to the metrics used for determining stock length.
  • Stance plays a big role. Is one planning to use a more "square" stance vs. say a bladed stance? Shorter Warsaw-length tends to go towards the former, longer NATO tends to go towards the latter.
  • Another metric to pay attention to is distance from the back of the AK dustcover to your nose, similar to how the AR guys talk about nose to the charging handle I guess. If V12's had traditional stocks instead of a pistol grip, I imagine it would be easier to look at distance between thumb and nose.
  • When looking at the lengths chosen by military/law enforcement, body armor is a consideration for them, which isn't really applicable to most civ uses.
  • If your SG/rifle is frequently getting caught up on your clothes when you try to shoulder, that may be telling you something re: stock length (with rubber recoil pads causing even more grab).

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Proper LOP has everything to do with stance, balance, and support of the weapon, therefore making good use of ammo.


  • "When looking at the lengths chosen by military/law enforcement, body armor is a consideration for them, which isn't really applicable to most civ uses." is a powerful statement. Unless you intend this gun to be a battle specific weapon, choose natural comfort. You will surely hit more targets than in battle mode.
  • Look at the statistics of shot to hit ratio in that type of usage before deciding to go with a gun designed for military/law enforcement use.

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