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Hello, I just recently purchased a Saiga IZ-132.  I still need to do the conversion, and have all the parts to.  The only thing I don't have, is the hand guard conversion parts.  I have seen videos on you tube showing how to do it correctly by removing the FSB and gas block.  I also seen the horseshoe piece that can be used, but have to notch the barrel.  My question is:  is there a bottom hand guard retainer that works without having to notch the barrel?   I want my rifle to have the traditional AK look, however I am wondering if there is a easier way to get the same look without having to notch the barrel.  I am not afraid to notch the barrel, I am wondering if it effects accuracy on the barrel.  Also, do true AK's have the barrel notched for the bottom hand guard retainer?  Thanks for all your help, I'm new to all this.


ETA:  OK, think I found out my original answer http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/css-bracket-ak.htm


Sorry, I guess I should have posted this in the Conversion Forum.  Mods please move it if you can, thanks.


Does anyone have any experience with this bolt on lower retainer?


Good or bad, I'd like to know for experience please, thanks.

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I've had a CSS bolt on adapter on my Saiga 7.62x39 for a few months now. I've put 500-ish rounds through it, no problem, no difference in accuracy for me either with it bolted right to the barrel, and have used a sling attached to the sling point on the bracket with no movement, etc either. Seems like a very solid part.

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After notching my own barrel by eye, if I had to do it again I would as I'm satisfied with my results and a little OCD about originality.  One thing different I would do would be to buy two lower handguard retainers and drill the pin (the one that rotates to lock it on the barrel) out of one of them.  I would then use the retainer with the drilled out pin, put the lower handguard on, then snug the retainer up to it.  You should be able to see just where to file the notch this way instead of guessing where to file on the barrel.  I started filing too close to the receiver but didn't mess it up too bad and you can't even tell now that its painted.  I also had to hand file the the gas tube some so that It could be seated all the way down as it was hitting the retainer where the front of the top hand guard locks into the gas tube.  I hope this makes sense and good luck.

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If you want to go with a bolt on without notching the barrel Dinzag makes a nice one, it's not cheap but it's very well made. But like the others have mentioned it is part of the original design and won't hurt anything and it's easy to do.

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