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Loose top cover

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The top (dust) cover on my unconverted '09 from TGI is so loose it rattles when you carry the rifle around. Tried another dust cover and it was the same.


Thinking of pinching the sides of the cover in toward the rear (button) end. Before doing that, thought I'd ask to see if someone has a better fix.


Tried search, but not so good at that & came up dry.

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Strange. Can you try a different recoil spring assembly?


Has it always been this way?


It sounds like the rear trunnion and rear sight block are too far apart. Maybe several hundreds of an inch.


I found a video on Youtube under "AK Dust Cover Loose"


He claims that his gas-block hole was drilled over-sized causing the recoil-spring to slam backward elongating the rear trunnion rivet holes.


He sent it back under warranty.

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OK, I fixed it...for now anyway.


Tried another recoil spring assy. per Sim. Helped some but noticed the cover still very loose at the front. So I put the orginal spring assy. back in the gun.


To fix it, I used a metal fluting plier that was in my tool box. Went at it as though I was going to use the tool to deepen the dimple that's on the front of the cover. Gave the tool a firm squeeze and then checked the fit. It was about perfect. The tool didn't deepen the dimple noticeably, it just changed the curvature on the front of the cover to a slight interference fit in the groove under the rear sight block.


The gun is nearly new and only has sight-in rounds through it. The cover has been loose the whole time. If the problem recurs, I'll go look for that YouTube video. I think a few tolerances stacked the wrong way on my gun.



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I found that video, Sim. The problem that guy had was much more serious than what I had. With the gaps his rifle had, front & rear, it looked like something in his receiver was stretching or being battered. Mine has very small gaps, front & rear.

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The fact that the gun is still basically new is a great sign. It's probably just a "parts fit" issue and a little metal bending sanding or filing is normal.


I just finished building my first AK from parts and almost EVERY part of the rifle seemed to require "minor fitting".


The dust cover doesn't really do anything, concerning function, so as long as it's not making noise, or falling off, you're fine.


I love an easy fix.

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