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Chop barrel now on Form 1 & send into Tromix later?

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I posted this over in the NFA section, but figured I should ask your' guy's advice on this:




Ok with the proposed changes coming up on NFA, getting my Saiga customized has been wayyy too long in the making and it's time to do something about it now.


The problem is I'm pretty sure I'm sending my gun to Tromix for an 8"-12" conversion & it's unknown when I could be called (if I make it in the lottery) but I'd like to get my barrel cut down & my SBS stamp on it now while I still can.  (I'm familiar with whats going on with NFA)


This is possible right?  To at least cut it to a certain length, say 13" so it qualifies as a SBS and then Tromix could finish up the build?  Could they cut they legally barrel more if I wanted/needed?  An SBS is an SBS once it's been chopped & stamped right?  So I could make any additional cuts or modifications as I see fit once it's a SBS?


I realize this isn't ideal, but NFA could get real fucky here soon and I don't want to be left out, I've literally had my un-converted Saiga 12 for almost 4-5 years waiting for a Tromix conversion.


I will be using an NFA Trust that an NFA attorney made for me. 


If I were to cut it myself I need to fill out a Form 1 correct?  Can you Efile these with trusts like you can with Form 4s?


(Stop over to my 8" vs 12" thread in the main discussion too if you don't mind - I don't know what I want to do!)



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