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What x39 HP Ammo Currently Uses 8M3 Bullet?

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Last i checked 8m3 was in tula 124gr hp. All the 122gr ive come across didn't have the pre fail cuts but another forum member here claims they found some that did. Check out the terminal performance of 7.62x39 thread in the saiga 7.62x39 section for more details.

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Whatever you do, don't rely on Tula for self-defense.


Why is that?

I've had more failures with Tula than with all other types of ammo combined. It is the only ammo to fail in my Saiga 223 and Glock 19. There is also an AR 15 torture test that was done with 4 types of ammo. The Tula performance was so bad they couldn't even complete the test with one rifle. Stuck cases, failures to fire, etc. I won't buy the stuff anymore, at any price. Edited by Jim Digriz
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ok... so will someone please enlighten me about WHY I should give a fuck if my X39 ammo has an 8M3 bullet in it or not?  Does it punch holes in paper better than others, meaning a true MATCH grade target bullet?  Or is it an actual hunting grade bullet loaded in mil type ammo?  Or ??


Seeing as how I load my own... I can tailor any load to do whats needed... and as I dont think I can buy 8M3 on their own... I am curious as to what the hoopla about them is.



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The 8M3 was a cheap bullet that was demonstrated to be terminally effective in a couple mediums including a hog, by a handful of people a few years back when it was loaded in wolf military classic. It was a great cheap hollowpoint that was capable of producing great wounds without spending federal premium or winchester super-x money. Many even prefer that round over the higher quality hunting stuff

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