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Sabrewerks KOP

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Searched to see if I could find this info, but nobody has done any write ups or reviews of this, so I'll ask...


Thinking of putting a KOP on my go-to 5.45. I currently have a TWS dogleg on there, but have never been 100% happy with it. Seems too flimsy, and after seeing what the guys at AK Operators Union did to one with their normal durability test, I'm even less inclined to keep it on there.


KOP seems like a solid (pun intended) choice for mounting an RDS, and with the different length rails that they offer, giving me a longer sight picture than the standard sight set up with the BUIS.


I was quoted a price of $168 labor plus the cost of the KOP (I'm also thinking of replacing the front sight and gas block with a Bolton Block, so add another $99 for that), which is quite a chunk of change all at once.


Are they worth it? Anybody use one and have some thoughts? 

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