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Question on rear stock handle

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Hi all, I recently purchased a FAB defence rear handle and when it came it had as best as I can describe a "T" shapped nut (though it has two 30 is degree beveled cuts in the vertical portion of the T).


It's made to be recessed, lays flat on the inside of the weapon and the threaded nut extending out from the gun at a slight angle, pullin the grip towards the trigger guard as its tightened up.


The other option is to get a traditional grip a simple nut inside the gun and a long bolt going up through the handle and bound by the nut.


Mine is set up this way (but i really want to use this grip i just purchased) but I need to modify the hole to accept the new grip. I say this because the ergonomics of the grip os the perfect fit for my hand and fits with the feel of the weapon.


Long(ish); story short I would like some advice on how best to cut the square hole needed.


Make a stencil of the required square hole and use a cutting wheel of my dremel & fine file to perfect square or is there a better way. I tried to upload a pic but camera was to high resolution.


It's basically a standard nut with a 2 stage bevel.


Right now my gun has simply a drilled hole for the handle. I just want to make sure I'm doing right before I go cutting on the gun to get to nut to fall in and I can grip installed.

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