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iz132L questions

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So I picked up a "Factory" converted 7.62 today. I noticed it has a tapco trigger and few other American made parts. this leads me to a few questions. I am a little confused on what they did and who did it.


was this really converted at the factory I assume a us saiga factory?

is the trigger group a g2 modified?

I have not taken it apart but it looks like the spring I left out during my pg conversion is still intact?


i guess really my question is what is the difference in getting the Factory conversion over getting dinzag or css parts.   The one+ is a welded bullet guide over tap and drill but the rest i am unsure about.


just learning as I go.



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it has the factory hand guard and has a stamp RWC group


I think I did not need the Shepard Hook (spring) because of the retaining plate I installed  but now I have a strong urge to go back over what I have done since I had been reading a lot about converting a 12 and a 7.62 at the same time

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 Not sure what Century work done on their guns...


I think the least they can get away with: rivet on a trigger guard, touch up paint the bottom. shove on a tapco stock. Drop in a G2 with the front hump ground off the hammer axle but not a corrected profile. A little shave on the right to clear the BHO. install bullet guide. Done. They wouldn't get more money for more work, unless they did a lot more work. So they don't do more refinement or finer finish.

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If you have the RWC conversion, they use the Tapco G2 trigger and trigger guard. RWC uses CAA butt stock and forearm with a vertical grip attached to forearm. Does this describe your gun? Not sure what Century work done on their guns...

I have this... with mag latch filed down to far when I got it but I opted to fix instead of sending it back to factory.

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