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Need help to shoot in clay compitition.

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Okay, this sounds strange but I love my Saia 12, except....


I can't shoot clays worth a darn, at least not in compitions. Why? Gun design and rules conflict.


Let me discribe the situation. First my gun. I have a Saia 12, imported via legion. Puck upgrade. Adjustable plug (I like the manual versus the auto), recoil bar stock setup, better recoil springs, full chaos rail, adjustable choke with breach tip. Alot of anti recoil went into it while I was laid up with a dislocated hip and the fear of not being able to shoot it again. Now it has less recoil than my wife's top end S&W AR-15.


So yeah, I love my saiga.


Now the compition rules (at keast where i live) state you must keep the chamber open at all times until they yell "shoot". Here in lies my issue. Without this rule on my own, I'm actually really good, but this rule forces me to hold my bolt back, which all you know is on the left side, then release, reposition myself then aim and fire. Break action guns blow my S12 away due to this whole rule hastle.


So I was playing with my Glock 17 and had a thought, "If only there were a way to hold my bolt back/Chamber open and push a button with my right thumb to release/close it, just like the upper slide on my glock. Then I could keep up with the break actions.


I've scoured the Web but found nothing like it, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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A notched safety lever sounds like what you're looking for. Some of our vendors carry them. Two different styles....





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