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Cobra bolt mod concern

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Who here has gotten the cobra bolt/trigger modification done to their Vepr 12?


My understanding is that it was for the Saiga 12 because it would allow you to load on a closed bolt.


What benefit would it give to the Vepr?


My concern is also the longer term durability on the modification. With replacement part availability being hard to come by, long term durability is a issue. I'm wondering if modifying the bolt and trigger would be more like pre-mature wear.


I'm not questioning his ability of the quality of the mod but questioning if the mod would cause issues long term.

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What an amazing 1st post! Round of applause everyone. Better yet, golf clap!



Sorry I'm a dick when I think someone is trying to question something like this in a nonchalant indirect passive aggressive sort of way. I have a similar mod done by a guy who screwed the forum and it is still after all these years and all the hundreds of rounds it's still 100% better than it used to be. Cobra is a straight shooter last time I checked. And well, being you only have one post it just seems like you're trying to discount the job even though you said otherwise.

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You guys are reading way too much into this. It's a simple concern. People remove material from a Saiga bolt to load with a closed bolt, which isn't a issue with the Vepr. So is there a need to remove material from a Vepr bolt?


A lot of people do it wrong and actually add friction while weakening the bolt. It is not a job most people should tackle. Even if you are particularly handy you need to thoroughly understand what is rubbing where for each mm of travel and rotation.

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