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Going to drink the Saiga restoration Kool Aid AGAIN!

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Well, I have had my current Saiga 7.62x39 IZ132 for 4 or 5 months now.  I have been running it Semi-Stock California "Featureless" with the modified handguard and Modified Tapco G2.  I love the Saiga, and it (mine) is very accurate.




10 shots, rapid fire from a casual rest at 25 meters:




However, it is just TOO long to be handy.  At the moment, I am switching to the AK platform for my "Go To" weapons platform, and I want it to be a lot handier than the stock Saiga is!  I'll put up with the 


Rooting around in my parts, I have everything I need to "Restore it" to intended pistol grip condition (including a Munkieboi Kydex grip paddle and a standard AKM gas tube), except the standard stock set.  In fact, rooting through my parts, I discovered six trigger plates left over from my 7 prior Saigas that I already restored since about 2006 or 2007!  Yep, I like restoring Saigas!


I thought about tricking it out with the new "Tacti-Cool" Magpul furniture, but for now, I'll just toss a set of used $49 Bulgarian furniture on it and call it good.   If it gets beat up, I don't care.  Also, It will look much cooler with my pre-2000 Tula Bakelite mags! That's why God made Rustoleum semi-gloss black!  It should look like the last one I restored:  This will be my eigth restoration, BTW!


First one I did:




 Then this:




Second one: 7.62x39



Third one




fourth one:



fifth one:




sixth one:




Seventh one:




The one I am starting work on will be my eigth one, I guess! LOL
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OK, trigger plate off, and bottom of receiver cleaned and sanded.  Then two coats of Rustoleum semi-gloss black.  It is an identical match to Saiga factory paint.  Somehow I ended up with an extra Saiga trigger guard in my stuff, so I am leaving the trigger guard on the bottom plate, as I could feasably restore it to "factory" if need be...






I now have the triggerguard mounted.  Essentially its a Russian AK103 barreled receiver now, LOL! I thought of putting a 24mm FSB on it, but I really like the short, compact TriDelta brake I put on after I cut back the shroud and threaded the barrel. 


Waiting on Bulgarian wood stock set and and handguard retainer.  Everything else is ready to go.  


My 922R parts (so I can run it featureless with my Munkieboi grip and my mags left over from my 1990 RAW Poly-tech AK I had until 2000)


Tapco G2 single hook FCG- 3 US parts

Weapon Tech BHO and Tapco Followers - 1 part (a Tula Bakelite 30 with a Weapons Tech BHO folower is pretty neat!)

Tapco pistol grip (under the grip wrap) - 1 part

Custom Muzzle Brakes "Tactical Tri-Delta Comp" - 1 part.


That makes my count good, but if I need one more, I have a Tapco stainless gas piston, also.

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I got a standard AKM cleaning rod from Desert Fox, since the Saiga came with a 20" smaller diameter rod.  I have an AKM cleaning kit for the buttstock.  The natural angle of the hole for the cleaning rod through the front handguard is at an upward towards the muzzle angle.  This presses the muzzle end of the cleaning rod up against the barrel with some tension, and even under recoil, it hits the edge of the crush washer to keep it from moving any farther forward.


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