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  1. The easiest way to determine the value is put it on GB with no reserve. That will get a lot of watchers and bidders and at the end it will sell at its value.
  2. I will have to agree with this & Priority actually comes out cheaper sometimes.
  3. Link to pictures of the Handguard. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=57380&st=0&p=542295entry542295
  4. Getting rid of the last of my Saiga-12 stuff. I have a Saiga 12K Style HG modified by Cobra 76 two. $40 Shipped Thanks for looking.
  5. ******SOLD****** Sale or Trade (AI) Fullsize HK USP45 V1 (3)10rd Magazines. Factory Sights & a Entreprise Ghost Ring Sight(this set has minor dings/painted over from install). Will also include Houge Grip. Has about 1000rds through it. Minor holster wear on the front of the slide so other than that it is in very good condition. Sorry no box and does not include threaded barrel. The USP will be cross-posted & Thanks for looking. Price $625 Trades HK45 HK45c HK P30 9mm HK P7M8 P2000SK 9mm I also have some extra 10/12rd mags, Bladetech Holster, factory thre
  6. Cash price added and now willing to ship for trades also. This is listed on other boards. Trade List HK45 HK45c HK P30 9mm HK P7M8 P2000SK 9mm $800 with both barrels, both sight sets, (3)10rd Mags, Thread Protector, Houge Grip, (Sand) Decal Grip Tape, & Holster(sorry no box).
  7. Can not edit OP. Added a couple more items to the trade list. HK45 HK45c HK P30 9mm HK P7M8 P2000SK 9mm
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