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    My Wife, My Boys, our Rock band "Skipping Stone", Guns, making really cool shit!!

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I am a family man, I have four kids that I brought up alone, my twin boys and I have a Rock band named "Sixdaywar" on 4th July we invite the masses over and jam our asses off on Independence Day, at 10:00pm the cops are always waiting in the parking lot to put the flame of freedom out. I am now married to a wonderful woman who has my back all the time, she my best friend period. I've been in the metal working field for over 23 years, machining parts no larger than 1/16" and in the grams to parts 60ft. weighting 150 tons. I am an inventor by nature and have been lucky to work in this field so I can explore my ideas as they surface. I have a core belief system, if you shake on it its a contract honor it, everyone is held accountable for their own words, if you tell someone you will then you should even if you are put out, stand firm in whats right even if its not popular, and always try to be compassionate to those who deserve it!!

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