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  1. they make them you just have to do some searching on the internet don't spend more than 25$ on them or you are getting ripped off i will look for them myself and get back to you good shooting
  2. when the ban "sunsets" does that mean that the 12k is available for civ. use? i won't mind owning two of these things p.s. am i the only one who thinks A.K.s are more fun to shoot than A.R.s
  3. armyboy

    optics mounts

    i picked mine up a week ago, 19", I love it this shotgun is one of the best cqb weapons i have seen, besides the 1911 carbine i'm looking for somthing with faster target acquisition, i don't want to scope somthing i will only be using at 25m max range but i am looking for ghost ring sights, or even those colored fiber optic sights if you run into what i am looking for let me know, i would appreciate it good shooting
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