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  1. I want one! You took my idea thats why I wanted to know the overall lenth of the flashhider!!!!! Good job guys(now wheres mine!!)
  2. I dont like the mount but the sight's nice Id buy one for that much!!!! I dont care were its made really!! As long as it works I think Im geting a trijicon reflex for the 12 not needing batteries is a big plus!
  3. Heres the P14 limited for 1000.oo I like AK stuff so let me know if anyone has interesting trades!!(1200.oo with sight and mount)
  4. The AR15 pistol is gone but I have a 10mm springfield omega longslide1911 for 800.00 and the stainless p14 with comp& for a 1000.oo,(sorry I keep the Jpoint sight)
  5. Well if you get rid of the front pistol grip , and put a thumbhole stock it would be legal otherwise it would have to be a LEO or dealer sample weapon only because of violating the evil features list!!
  6. Yes I to agree the trijicon reflex is worth the price! I wanna get one soon!
  7. its a semi-auto if I could find legal full-auto m-11's for 400.oo i'd be rich!!
  8. The cobray is 400.oo and comes with a exrta upper & thread protector and forward metal grip & 32rd cobray mag. Ill snap a few pics later as soon as my batterys charge!! Yes the benelli is alot more heavy I like my saiga better anyway it feeds everything!!
  9. Yup takes regular AR-15 mags made by bushmaster\pro ord comes with 3 3o rd themomold mags 750.00 obo or interesting trades considerd(perhaps a pair of 19" defense saiga 12's) I like the AK family of weapons so let me know what ya got,I had a whole nother tables worth of gun's for sale like a colt SP1 & a 4" .357 python, benelli M1 tactical,colt preban sporter and Ill be getting pictures soon as I get time to.
  10. it dwarfs every thing I have!!!its way bigger than my pump something must been done about this(thats next) Yes Im selling the pump & the other toys here to get some Ak stuff Ive been wanting!! let me know if anyones interested goodguy71079@aol.com
  11. Heres the picture finally!!!
  12. No dude the saiga 12 C or K the LEO or FFL only gun!! Also wanted a dealer sample GLock 18 fairly priced
  13. My buddy who is a FFl wants a dealer sample for the shop display. I cant find the one on gunsamerica anymore. and I forgot the name of the place that was selling them
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