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  1. Damn! Now thats what I call customer service!! You have just secured me as a customer. A Tac47 magwell just moved to the top of my "buy soon" list. LB
  2. My best advice would be to move out of MA. I hope you find a solution to your current problem. LB
  3. The dude with the 5.45 was getting it! He was very smooth! LB
  4. I've never had a problem with the factory BHO. I wonder if the factory design has changed over the years. Nice work. LB
  5. Ditto! I will pay for shipping, plus I could video all testing and provide proprietary statistical data and feedback. TimD
  6. Man, I am ready to pounce on this! Keeping my fingers crossed that Tom will have an announcement soon!!! LB
  7. Ya gotta post pics man! I saw MikeD taking about a LRBHO that Tom Cole has over at Cadiz Gun Works. I would like to know more about it myself. LB
  8. I second that! I have held off ordering a gas plug for awhile, just waiting for this one to become available. LB
  9. WwwwoooooohhhhhoooooOO! Man, this sounds very exciting !! I am ready to order!!! LB
  10. I like my FSE Krinkov stock but cannot comment on the rigidity of the polymer ones. I have the older milled aluminum style. I can...I have the polymer one and it is tough as nails. I would say it is tougher than the aluminum one. You will not be dissapointed. LB
  11. Is the grip US compliant ? LB
  12. Do you think 'someone' on this forum would be kind enough to do that for me? Nice try! I would. I'd just set it in the back of the safe and there is would be until you decided you wanted it back. My daughters never-been-fired Polytech AK is still back there. Bought it when she was 8 mos. old. She is 7 now and it still has not been fired. I hoping she might this year!!
  13. Mine is a old Saiga 12 I bought new years ago ( paid $259 ) and it has 4 holes. LB
  14. You should have video'd a empty mag dropping free... LB
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