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  1. I subscribe to the same mantra as Montec. I've seen an AR barrel turn white from heat, and I've loaded down my S-12 with so much west texas clay mud that it ceased to function. My father always said that if you want to find the weak point in something, just hand it to me. I break things in a most spectacular manner... Exhibit A: The engine that this piston was in STILL runs... See? So send it to me, if it can be broken (through "normal" use), I'll do it...
  2. To answer the OP, hopefully you're lucky. You will more-than-likely have problems running Winchester bulk, so I'd stick to Federal bulk pack at a bare minimum if I were you. If you notice any problems running that, remove the quad-rail and see if it runs better. Some quads have been known to hinder performance since they "clamp" onto the gas system. Eventually, you're going to give in to peer pressure and do a full conversion. It's really easy and makes the weapon a lot easier to handle. Basically, the phrase I've coined fits here nicely: All Saigas are different, like snowflakes only more badass. Let us know of any issues that arise and we'll get it figured out. I'd like to say that we've seen it all, but just as soon as I say that, something new pops up. We'll figure it out together, now go try some different ammo out and see what happens!
  3. Gunfixer is the guy's name, the plug WILL NOT "fix" an undergassed gun!
  4. The_Caged_Bird


    Ah, well, that would work too, albeit I'm not very fond of them...
  5. Well, fire only one shot per COMPLETE trigger pull and the ATF won't come and butt-rape you...
  6. I just modified the factory wire as far as axis pin retention goes. I think it works a lot better than any shepherd's crook or plate and it's super easy to assemble and disassemble...
  7. The_Caged_Bird


    I run the Krebs safety lever as well, not really sure what Fourbux is talking about, but I have been happy with it since day one. I'll never run a Kalash without one...
  8. The ports aren't supposed to be 90 degrees to the bore...
  9. Cool, I'm down, we're both going to wear thick leather coats 21 feet away facing each other. Aim center mass, as will I, with your birdshot and me with my buckshot. We both fire on the count of three, deal? I can handle the pain if you can handle the whole dying thing...
  10. The only way I've PERSONALLY found for an AR stock to work well on an AK is with an optics mount on the side rail with some kind of optic. It's not built for proper cheek weld on an AK.
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