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  1. I need to find a few pieces to finish projects I have going. 1 RPK hand guard retainer for the fat handguards. I need 20 folding rear trunions for Yugo rifles. I need 10 solid stock trunions for the Yugo rifles. I a few folding stocks and hardware, country of origin is irrelevant. I also need a bunch of solid stocks for the Yugo rifles. Condition is irrelevant, in fact the worse they are the better. As long as they are functional, thats all I care about. Carvings on them are even better.......
  2. These are the last of the FBMG US made high cap bodies. I only have a handful that I have not decided to keep myself. I am asking $15 each for them. All you have to do is drop the internals from your 10rd mag into them and away you go. PM me with questions if you have any.
  3. This notice is for the pre-orders. Simply call the store. At the rate we are getting phone calls I am anticipating selling out before we get the internals finished and delivered!
  4. Once the initial run of 2000 is done I will have extras, cheap for those that want to replace the aluminum ones Tromix did for us. As for NJ, what if they were blocked by us? Would that cut it or do they have to be originally less than the 20?
  5. After a long awaited delivery from the Russians on internals for the 308 mags, we are still waiting on them. So, we decided fuck em. FBMG is having the new internals cut into a mold right now and they should have the first batch out to us in 10 weeks. This will make them 100% American made. Stick that in your parts count ATF!!!! To commemorate this wonderous occasion we are doing them 3 for $100 shipped to your door. You can buy as many of them as you like (dealers do get dealer pricing). There are 2000 scheduled in the first run. Once the first 2000 are gone they go to individual sales and $35 each. The followers have been trimmed down a bit to reduce drag, and the spring is a thicker material than before for more pressure. There is no doubt that these will be the best 308 mags on the market. We were the first, have had the least issues with reliability and WILL be the best. There were some initial issues with our first pre-order, No doubt about it. We now have a new accountant (Larry is long gone), we have a new sales system to track the orders and we have a new GM. He or myself take total and complete responsibility for everything that goes on here, so if you had a bad experience before and decide to give us another chance you know who to call with questions or concerns. To place an order, please just call the store and a salesman will take your order. We anticipate the mag parts to be delivered the first of July, give us a week or ten days for assembly and we will ship them out. Thanks for everyones support over the years, and look for another product to be announced soon! James FBMG 801.571.1160
  6. FBMG is out until the Russians get their shit together or we finish cutting the mplds for the parts we need. Inn the mean time please go to Atlantic or ORF and support those guys. Thanks!
  7. Well, I do have 350 stashed away for dealers. So when I run out of retail mags I will have to crack that open. The issue is the base plates and followers. But since we know the Russians fuck everyone they deal with (ask Aklex Robinson and now RAAC) we have been planning for this eventuality. The springs are US made, and so will the other parts very soon. Who knows.....with the CNC machines we are getting as part of another partnership, and the two plastic injection machines we may have a few new and very exciting things in the works. Dont count us out of the race too soon my friends. We are doing lots of fun things right now that will lead to bigger things for the Saiga community.
  8. This is news because Blain and I took the Russian rep around the SHOT show a few years ago in FL and ask them to do this very thing. At first the Russians did not get the hype and RAAC flatly said they could not import them like this. Maybe the Russians finally caught on and figured if RAAC would not do it they would get someone who would.... Maybe RAAC did not ask the right people the right way or ask for help from ATF as to how to get it done. Who knows but either way the Russians probably should not have gone around RAAC and in talking to Clyde today he was plenty pissed off about it.
  9. http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=4&f=64&t=110600 We ask the Russians to being in guns that we could easily convert a few years ago. We even took them over and showed the the Arsenal guns and explained why they were so popular. I guess we fucked up on that one. It appears that the Russians have gone around the backs of RAAC and decided to sell these to the Bulgarians instead. I hope thats the case and that RAAC wasn't shortsighted enough to tell them no thanks we dont want them! Honestly it would not suprise me if the Russians did that. They have done this kind of thing in the past.....
  10. By hard to get meaning you have to call the store (801.571.1160) or shoot one f us an email and give us you r credit card, then yeah I guess they are hard to get. Dude, just call us and order them, we have hundreds in stock.
  11. Not bloody likely. One or two people does not make for a bunch of upset customers, and we always try to make it right for them. Yes, some people got caught up in the move but they got their product. Our site is down because we are building the new interactive shopping cart. It will have real time inventory, shipment confimation and delivery tracking information. That way, when you place an order and dont have it the next day you can look online and see where it is. That is not the place holder that was supposed to go up.... Oh well. We will be back in about 2 1/2 weeks.
  12. If they will not work, we will encourage you to play with them as much as you want to to see if they will wear in or work. Short of destroying them, we will swap them right away or when ever you are done playing with them. We dealt with some more issues with this batch, some got to cool a few seconds longer than others and hence the follower drag. If you send them back, we will swap them. We take those back to the plastic company and they give us credit towards the next batch. To solve the problem in the next run, regardless of cooling time we have opened up the insert 4 thousandths of an inch. That should do it.
  13. If the email does not work (and it appears it has not been, but I have not checked the junk box yet) there is always the phone. It works all the time. As for your package, it went out over a week ago, priority mail. You can thank the USPS for the delays. According to the tracking and delivery confirmation number, it is still in Austin. 0306 0320 0003 3476 0139 I am sorry guys, but with the holidays you are going to have to expect delays in the postal service. And as always, we are here Tuesday thru Saturday 1000-1900 MST. Calling is much, much faster in getting your answers to you.
  14. Sorry, they have jack squat to do with ANYTHING we do.
  15. AMD-65 gas tube 24mm AK-74 brake (X2) if you have the whole FSB and brake let me know! E German brown plastic stock set An extra set of EG hand guards, the brown plastic AMD-65 black plastic grips and lower handguard Bulgy AG4 upper hand guard Tabuk shorty flash hider and AG4 hand guards Tabuk long barrel and brake, stock set Under folder trunion AK-74 rear folding trunion AMD length gas piston or bolt carrier Thanks guys!
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