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  1. Just wondering if it's normal that the drum will not fit and seems to just fall out of the magwell (factory not modified). Have not filed the drums since I didn't want to damage them. Tested 2 drums on 2 saigas and won't stay in either. AGP mags fit fine.
  2. What's B&P? www.bandpusa.com They no longer have 2 5/8" buckshot loads.
  3. None of the Walmarts near Seattle sell ammo in a reliable way. I always have the worst experience trying to buy ammo there so I gave up.
  4. I really hope so. Any buckshot shells only sold 5/box at more than $1 per shell sucks. Just disappointed that they don't seem to work with any bulk buckshot loads. It's not like you can go bird hunting with a 20 round drum. Maybe starling control but that would be about it. I don't mind getting new gas plugs I just want the drums to work with ANY bulk buckshot loads. Estate, S&B, Rio, Noble, Wolf etc. I just didn't think they would be this picky on ammo.
  5. While I'm aware that bird shot by Federal is a deal depending on where you go buckshot is not a deal. Any affordable buckshot loads actually work with these drums?
  6. So the drums only shoot the most expensive ammo? I really need a bulk source of ammo or I have to sell the drums. It just doesn't make sense if they only can handle ammo that is crazy expensive at the buckshot level.
  7. anyone know if it works with the drum? 12-gauge, 2-3/4", No. 4-buckshot I need a cheaper bulk alternative that works with the drum and on my budget Federal is not cheap.
  8. Well it's a debate b/w keeping it for parts vs having it be whole. Got the kit for $250 and a new barrel. Kits were even cheaper than that in the past. But then again so was ammo.
  9. Are the full length AK's any good? Have a kit for this laying around and wondering if it's even worth it to put it together. I prefer underfolds myself but tragically lost them in a boating accident.
  10. Absurd is trying to get the ammo for it.
  11. Shooting through car metal or especially windshields requires a bonded bullet like Speer's Golddot. Many bullets aren't bonded and will separate when they stike windshields. AP rounds are legal providing they are made before the laws or rulings happened otherwise you can be a world of crap. .233 and .308 are also considered "handgun" rounds. Trying to play around heavily regulated things like AP rounds can leave you burnt. Also the performance of steel core ammo will be very poor compared to real AP rounds made from tungsten or depleted uranium. To get really amazing performance you would
  12. Other than HP in wolf Military classic I can't find any recent info if Barnual's, Brown/Golden/Silver Bear or Wolf black box Hollow points expand in deer sized targets or if they would be good for self defense. The soft points tend to have some expansion but work well as deer rounds. Not sure on self defense with a soft point.
  13. Maybe you shouldn't post pics after all.
  14. My wife just looked at the collection and asked "where's the war?"
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