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  1. The SKS looks awesome! Inspiring me to dig mine out of the closet. I was going to ask you the reference on the trigger work, but you answered my question. Looks like I know what my next project is...
  2. As the topic title states I'm looking for the discontinued M60 flash hider with a thread pitch of 5/8x24. Please don't tell me to look at Gunbroker. PM me with info.
  3. I can't find a source on K-Var's NATO length O.D. green furniture set. Does anyone know where I can find one thats actually for sale? Everyone is (out of stock).
  4. My only though was, what happened to the poor child before science used his skull as a display model?
  5. I've actually been thinking about selling my (broken) PS3 and Xbox to fund a good gaming computer. On the down side I have NOWHERE to put a desktop, let alone a desk! I need to get out of my apartment and into a house. ARMA III looks amazing...watched many an hour watching my friend play ARMA II...
  6. What console are you guys playing it on? I thought about picking up a copy myself. I'd have to throw down another $60 for a year of Live-Gold so I wouldn't have to play with shitty AI though.
  7. I would take the class immediately if job placement was offered. Spending over $4000 round trip I can't afford just for the experience. I went as far as ordering Jim Fullers AK Armorers Bench to get even more acquainted with the weapons platform. I picked up a copy of "The Grim Reaper" to keep as a reference book also. To tell you the truth, I considered selling off my arsenal of weapons and ammo to get down there and back. Heres the info on the build class itself. There are two different classes from what I've seen, the Standard and PLUS classes. CLASS BUILD DETAILS: What is
  8. I'd like to take this class to rub shoulders with Jim and Bill, but the class is around $3000 in Las Vegas. Has anyone here ever taken the class? What is the potential of landing a job in the industry? Whats your thoughts? After meeting like minded people such as builders, you'd think it would be possible to get into the business.. It seems company's cant build fast enough, it's crazy. I'm tired of working jobs I can't enjoy to the fullest. The Old Lady and I would be willing to relocate if my dream of being a builder was obtainable. Any pro-builders out there have any advice?
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