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  1. Minor dings on the brass (an AK trade mark). Its never been an issue with my hand loads. I have brass that's been shot and reloaded at least 3-4 times in the Saiga. IMO felt recoil is noticably less than the G3 and slightly less that the FAL. 100% reliable weapon.
  2. I have three Saiga 308 O.E. eight round mags for sale. All in almost new shape. Will sell all three for 80.00 shipped or separately for $30 each shipped. Will ship only via USPS Priority to CONUS locations. Accept MO or discreet paypal. ALL MAGS SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  3. I've had FALs, AR 10s and M14s (M1A). Get the Saiga and convert it. My Saiga is a 16.5. With good hunting ammo I can usually keep 20 shots into about half an E-target at 300 yards, from the prone position, with the iron AK sights. That's good enough for me. The G2 trigger will work, as Cobra 76 two mentioned with slight mod to the safety. Side folder installation is easy. Mine has an extra short ACE side folder with a SAW pistol grip.
  4. I bought this and later opted to go for the ACE folder. Fits the Saiga 308 fine, no mods to gun or stock necessary. Its been on the gun but never used on the range. $35.00 shipped CONUS. Payment via M.O. or discreet paypal. **SOLD***
  5. Conversion should have no effect. Short of screwing up your barrel crown when you thread it for the flash suppressor, there is really nothing in the regular conversion that should cause any degradation of accuracy. Mine shoots as good as ever. I did however elect not to thread my barrel.
  6. I have been trying to find a decent sling attachment for my S308 that will accomodate a three point sling. I have the rear attachment figured out (see pics) but I have yet to come up with something bullet proof for the front. Has anyone found a decent sling attachment device that will clamp tightly on the barrel forward of the gas block?
  7. Mine did the same thing. I fixed mine when I converted my 308s to pistol grip. When I attached the trigger guard I added metal on to the mag catch plate to increase tightness of the lock up. It now locks up tight on the catch. There is still some very slight side to side play but its nothing like the wobble it exhibited before it was modified. The draw back of this mod is I can't use the eight rounders unless of course I file the engagement lug on the mag to fit. No big deal since I don't use the eight rounders anymore.
  8. I picked up two more old M16 30 round mag pouches today for 3.50 each at a local army surplus store. These things are well used but the price is hard to beat. They work great with two FBMGs once you make a couple of adjustments.
  9. I did the same thing that Saigaczech did. The old 30 round M16 pouches work great. Cut the dividers and put two FBMG mags in side by side. Works great and its cheap.
  10. They don't come with a hole for the rear trigger guard rivet. You will need to make one.
  11. I appreciate that! That's the kind of proactive customer service response that motivates me to buy more. I am confident that they will work now. I will advise after try them out this weekend.
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