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  1. I got mine through Walthers Gun Chambers (ordered through CDNN) in Parkville, Balto.. Valley gun shop carries them but they are pricey. Your better off ordering it. Either way you have to wait 10 days for the paperwork to clear in MD.
  2. At 25 yards, im shooting probably 6-8 inches low with slugs. Im gonna try drifting the rear sight again, see what happens.
  3. I have the same problem of it shooting low with the front sight adjusted all the way down plus it shoots to the right. Short of hitting the rear sight with a sledgehammer it wont move. So i bought a kobra sight, i havent had a chance to zero it yet. Your gun ain't the only one bro. I might pull the whole sight rail off and just put a bead- i'll see how the kobra sight does first.
  4. Actually bean bag rounds, drag stabilized rounds, Torpedo rounds, rubber buckshot &slugs and these so called "less-than-lethal" rounds have been upgraded to a new politically correct term of "less lethal" because you can kill someone with them. I work in a jail in Md. where we not only employ the 12 guage versions but also in 40mm of "less lethal" rounds. Dependent on target area, distance, and type of round used is dictated by situation. LEO's and us "jail guards" spend time training with them for job use as mandated by our use of force policies. As far as for home protection and my f
  5. I use Lightfield slugs, the 2 3/4 inch version is a 1 1/4 ounce slug. They are dead on at 100 yards and drop about 4 inches at 125 yards. At fifty yards you can darn near figure 8 them( shoot about an inch high over point of aim). Great for deer hunting. They run between $7-9 dollars a box of 5. They also put out a 3" version with I belive a 1 ounce slug but has a little less drop at 125-150 yards. If your just looking to shoot cheap and out to 50 yards, 1 ounce Remington sluggers cost about $3 a box of 5.
  6. Thanks for the info. Any problems getting your point of aim (POA) adjusted to your point of impact (POI) because of the height or it exceeds the scopes windage or drift tolerences?
  7. I notice the saiga shotgun comes in a wide range of guages from .410-12 guage. I am by no means a gunsmith or mechanically inclined but is there anyway to produce this in 10 guage 3 1/2 inch or even 12 guage in 3 1/2 version. I know that it would require a bigger bolt and perhaps a gas system that vents extra gas (energy) because of the velocity the bolt travels. I hunt in a shotgun county where we primarily hunt goose, ducks and deer. A 10 guage comes in handy for pass shooting to reach out and touch em. Just wondering if it is mechanically feasible to produce a saiga in 10 guage or a 3
  8. With the open sights, my saiga-12 shoots to the right. I've tried to ping the rear sight over but it won't budge(rear sight is on a dove tail). Any suggestions, do you have to disassemble the front flywheel to get the movement in the rear sight? I would like to resolve this problem. The second part of this question is since this sight alignment problem is ticking me off I have somewhat resided myself to the idea of the kobra sight. I have visited Tantals sight and reviewed threads on this forum which have been extremely helpful. For those of you that have owned or presently own kobra sig
  9. I recieved my side rail scope mount and have a 1x30 bushnell red dot scope that does not fit the rings. The mount I got is from EEA corp (ring model not weaver base model) and this bushnell red dot scope wont fit the rings. EAA says it will fit a 1" inch scope, the manual for the mount states it takes a 25.4mm scope. Can anyone give me a few red scope options/suggestions that will fit these rings, that are half decent, and that costs under $100. Thanks.
  10. I have the 19'" saiga-12 with the threaded choke tube. Is there some trick to removing this because mine doesnt want to come off. These are right hand threads according to the manual which means turn left to loosen -correct? I'm about ready to beat it with a hammer
  11. Fyi- for those of you looking for an improved cylinder choke tube for your gun (modified steel) EAA Corp has now included them in their online catalog for $18.95. Good choice for tolling geese.
  12. Im looking for choke tubes for my Saiga. EAA corp only shows a full and modified choke for it (website). In the manual it states that there is an improved cylinder choke. I would like to get a complete set of the chokes- does anyone else carry them ?
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