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  1. It's not that it can't be done, just that it would be difficult because to retain the current mag release you would need to heavily modify the Saiga mags in addition to a whole new receiver. The other option is to make a new receiver with a mag release exactly like the S12, which defeats the purpose of this gun.
  2. Yes please. If you get different results with a scope then you will know what the problem was, as it would be obvious it was not the gun. Form what you show here though you obviously shoot the saiga better, which says alot about which gun YOU can rely on.
  3. Buy it or tell me where to. I bought mine for $349.00 plus tax (400 total) with no dimples and no Y stamp. I overpayed a little, but I really don't care.
  4. Roger that, You will be lucky to be able to buy a BB gun if Barry gets in and until then expect ALL guns and ammo and over 10 round mags to exponentially increase in cost . just like before the last AWB. You got it... This is why I started buying up as many assault rifles and pistols as I could afford about 8 months ago to date. I buy hi-caps and ammo every chance I get. It's all gonna come crashing down within the next 12 months IMO. It has little or nothing to do with Georgia, that was really Bush's baby and I don't think Barry Hussein could care less. It has everything to do with
  5. Some of you may have read my other hunting thread, which is partly why I'm interested in the .308 semi. Long story short I don't think I will be satisfied with a bolt gun, and I kinda want to have the cake and blow it away too. So how many of you use your .308 semi to hunt, what kind of game do you hunt and what experiences good or bad have you had with this "non-standard" gun being used for hunting... Feel free to post up pictures of your takes.
  6. Yeah but where can you get one? I'd like to buy one of those if I can find one...
  7. IIRC that push up comes from a part of Spetsnaz training mind games where you learn to trust your AK by testing it's reliabilty in ways that could harm you if it failed...
  8. Sorry for the ignorance but what is a PG FCG and where could I find one on the internet to do la little research. Also where can I find a american forgrip. Thanx for the help and info. Sorry for the accronyms, by definition it's not ignorance if you've never been offered the chance to know... Fire Control Group Pistol Grip The fire control group for PG converted guns usually counts and 3 US parts, the pistol grip 1 US part and the hand guard is 1 part. That leaves you with at most (depends on the gun having either 13 or 14 total, which yours has 14) 9 foreign parts, Which makes
  9. If you have a new PG FCG, pistol grip and an american forgrip that is 5 or more US parts which is enough to use non-US mags.
  10. Both rifles will benefit from any quality aftermarket stock. I just want to reiterate what DD said here, a good scope and rings are a must. Shop around, you will be amazed at the price difference for the same scopes between different vendors. desert dog you have been quoted...... And to Will, Like I said in the original post, this is assuming the end user puts high end glass on thier rifle. That means different things to different people. For me, a "target/hunting" rifle should use a glass/rings/base combination that is effectively 2x the cost of the rifle. That translates to $100
  11. Excelent point. I just sort of threw that ammo aout there as a messure of what I would normaly use, that is to say that I would not be trying to get .5 moa out of chitty ammo, and obviously I would not use that round to take down an elk as there are far better rounds that are designed for that task. I guess the real question for me is which of the two would be more accurate out of the box (if I do my job)?
  12. I'm not a real stickler for aesthetics. I like the look of a service weapon. That being said I'd be interested in one that would fire reliably regardless of appearance and I have a friend who may be as well, but he is pickier. We were just looking at Garand's the other day...
  13. So I've NEVER owned a bolt action rifle. I've recently been bitten by the hunting bug. I may have the opportunity to go do some big game (Mule Deer and maybe even American Elk) hunting with some of my friends and I want to buy a bolt action rifle. Ideally I would have an M24 SWS but these two rifles seem fit the bill for my personality, price and needs although I'm open to suggestions of guns similar to these that you may have had experience with. I will be mounting high dollar glass on the rifle I do end up buying so there is no doubt there, and I'm a strong shooter, I just need some insigh
  14. How much are the 7.64 and 308's at CTD? 7.62 was $349.00 (400ish out the door) They are a little pricey but you can't beat their staff. I would have got one at the gun show this weekend but I'll be out of town As for the .308, I think it was about the same, a few bucks more...
  15. Awesome gun man. I just bought my Saiga 7.62 at CTD last week. I live in Keller about 6 miles north of their store. We should all go shoot sometime....
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