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  1. four or five ports an she'll run.. five small will give less fouling than four biggens...
  2. I have one or two of the taps. If you can't get it .
  3. I bought one of these darlins..... rough finish inside an out... Does function on low end shells right out of the box... Very few parts interchange with Saiga 12... Real bitch to convert....there are numerous internal differences...
  4. I've done several. You can't beat the look of the UF, but the recoil can be a little rough on the cheek in FA..........and I've never broken a good UF.
  5. Building some 60's for rental guns, anyone have any rails? Well any extra M-60 parts would be useful. Be sure to like and friend us on FB....Thx.
  6. I have to make one of these..... If the pumpkin shoots get rolling up at the pit again ...
  7. Corrections are usually attended to pretty promptly by NFA branch..... but the denied forms usually go back to start.
  8. ASA will be there, with my solvent traps and plenty of 37 mm stuff and their usual assortment of special ammunition.
  9. In honor of my fellow Veterans, I'm putting my Solvent Trap Adapters on sale for this weekend at 25% off normal retail. Place your order via email or even reserve your adapters here...No phone orders over the weekend Please. Sale pricing good thru Tuesday at midnight. This includes the new offerings,( SKS,,13.5 LH,, Generation 2,, ect) as well as the original traps. Please mention Saiga 12 forum sale with your order.
  10. I noticed I tend to make the statement "Your girl is never gonna forget an old man kicked your ass" every now and then.
  11. They are in hand finally. This is the Gen three version of the adapters.
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