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  1. Just got a IM from Mignulikz titled Hello and the message read please help and links to an adult web site. FYI Admin
  2. SaigaUK

    LRBHO question/idea

    Hats off to you Cobra for putting up with this shit. Here you are doing every Saiga-12 owner a favour ,as i doub't the profit will cover your time invested, and people crap over you for wanting perfection. If you ever need anything turned or milled let me know. Keep the faith... C.
  3. SaigaUK

    Extended mag release

    I'll second that Monk. hopefully oneday...
  4. SaigaUK

    Extended mag release

    Does anyone know anywhere that sells the extended mag release and ships to the UK? Many thanks, Charlie
  5. Here is the UK's for your interest. http://police.homeoffice.gov.uk/publicatio...pdf?view=Binary
  6. SaigaUK

    UK Saiga-12 owners

    Good to see other members here in the UK. Had mine for a few months now and am another Oleg customer :-) Looks as though i might have to buy an ammunition factory now though lol Are you helping at the range this weekend David? If so I might see you there. Charlie
  7. SaigaUK

    UK Saiga-12 owners

    Just wondering how many members we have on here from the UK that own a Saiga-12?
  8. SaigaUK

    Dumb question from the UK

    Thanks Franz, thats makes sence, got sod all to do with the firearms just the government wanting every possable penny out it's people.
  9. Ok, think i've got my head round your 922r compliance but what i don't understand is WHY??@? What difference does the number of US made parts make to a weapon??? C.
  10. SaigaUK

    Izhmash 8 round magazines

    Afraid so, purchased the last two off Oleg about three weeks ago chaps. Believe he has some more coming into the UK in September.