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  1. Whether or not it is considered a vertical hand grip? The law in CA (PC 12276.1) describes a forward grip as a vertical grip meant to be grasped by the non firing hand. The weapon must also be equipped with folding or telescoping stock. It has to have both which, even if the forward grip met the definition or a vertical grip. I know it looks like mine has a tele stock, but look closer.... Good point though, thanks for looking out.
  2. and this is why I hate modern politics.. If your going to fight and kill people, please do it considerately! what the fuck.. like our enemies care And for crying out loud you better not do it with a Bible verse on your rifle because you might offend them....
  3. Here is a couple of pics on my DPH tri rail. It does take up a lot of space, but man was it worth it. It is very comfortable and there is more than enough room for mag changes.
  4. I have a DPH tri rail and I'll post some pics when it gets here.
  5. I just ordered this and thought some of you guys might be interested in this. It is not on MP site yet, but it is on sale. I AM NOT A DEALER FOR MAGPUL. Mods if this is stepping on anyones toes please delete. It's about $35 and it is called the Magpul AFG-angled fore grip This is Stickmans AK. He's the photographer for Magpul, so there are no TM violations.
  6. I've been told that you can put an 870 stock on an 1100, but no one I talk to has done it. Anyone here actually done it or has seen it done? I want a Hogue overmolded stock on my 1100 but they only make it for the 870. I know you can put an 1100 stock on an 870 by using a longer bolt, but I don't know about the other way around. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys thats exactly what I wanted to know. Basically all I wanted to know is if you have both and have changed the grips on the 1911 and have found the 1911 just as comfortable. My biggest problem is all the of the 1911's I have got to hold have the factory grips and feel really narrow. No one I know has one with Hogue or packmyer grips, therefore I can't make the call on whether or not a 1911 can be made as comfortable as my XD. It seems though that everyone who owns both and posted here feels the 1911 with aftermarket grips is either just as, if not more comfortable than the X
  8. I want to buy a 1911 single stack, but all the ones I have held have the factory style grips and are relatively uncomfortable. Does anyone out there own a 1911 with enhanced grips and can compare it to the comfort of an XD or a Glock? Thanks
  9. I own two XD's both in 40 and a Glock-22. I love all of them, they are all great guns. I am planning on buying a G21 because I want a 45. Dunno why, just want one. I am buying another Glock, because even though I love the XD's I spent many years trusting my life with a Glock. I will never own a 9mm, why? because I don't like them. I have no logical reason why. No horror stories of death and failure because of the 9 and no long drawn out studies of ballistics comparisons. Buy what you want. But make sure you consider that when you go to the range you are not counting every round bec
  10. I don't think it's offensive until you reveal your purpose. Is it how you feel or is it just a jab to piss people off like that fuck Sal. Personally, I think we need to stop being PC and tell all those who wander around looking for something to be offended about to fuck off. But I also feel those who walk around with the sole purpose in life just to incite people because their too fucking insecure and pissed off with themselves should be kneecapped and tied to an anthill.
  11. Thanks, Greg I trust you, but I have heard some pretty bad things about the Leapers lights. No offense to you but is there any type of warranty/guarantee on those lights? Azrial the only way I know to shock mount is to get 30mm rings and use some rubber to take up the gap on a 1" light. Is that the method you were referring to or is there a better way? PA I had no idea streamlight had a light out that withstand weapon mount and was under $100. Thanks Thanks again guys.
  12. I am looking for a flashlight to mount on my S12 that will withstand the recoil. I know the surefire's and stream lights last, but I am looking for something closer to the $100 mark. I've seen the UTG/Leapers fall apart and have heard the Hellfighters do the same. Anyone have any luck with a cheaper brand?
  13. Yeah all paranoia aside Sly if I had a big honkin' safe in the middle of the room or a vault, does it really matter if the guys on the gun forum know what I am building? They know I have guns, if they are coming to get them it is irrelevant as to what they are in... Secondly, thanks for the info guys...The vault entry will be hidden from view and unless you are extremely observant, you would probably never know there was something behind the "cover." What I am looking for it something that will eliminate bodily forced entry and resist tooled entry. Lets face it most of our safes out the
  14. I am converting a closet (5x3) to a vault. I have the door and power figured out but I am a little indecisive on the walls. For fire rating I am doing 2 hour UL listed wall construction, but for security I have several ideas/options that I can't decide between. 1. Place lathe between the layers of sheetrock. 2. Place sheet metal between the layers (i.e 16 gauge). I know 10 ga or 1/4" would be great, but it would be cheaper to buy a 36 gun safe than to line it with that kind of iron. 3. Place metal strapping horizontally 12" floor to ceiling. 4. Or any other ideas you guys might have
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