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  1. Glad you like 'em! Looking forward to seeing some pics when you get them applied to your truck. Just ordered 4 more decals. Since I wasn't able to put them on my truck, I placed them on the door of new room. Here's a couple of pics. Sorry about the crappy pics. See ya fellas in 8 months.
  2. Fuckin' A! I've been thinkin' about gettin' the same case for the past week. Thanks for the pics and info bro.
  3. So that it would match the rest of my "Mall Ninja" gear.
  4. Nice bag, but it would only work as a "bug out" bag if you plan to kill to solve all your problems... Personally, I never trust folks that always talk about when the SHTF, but have nothing but guns and ammo to deal with the eventualities. I am not saying that is your intent. It's all good. If you don't feel like shooting ppl, it would make an ok range bag.
  5. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this great deal. They're Federal LE 12 gauge OO Buckshot with Flitecontrol. Just ordered 2 cases. Get them while you can.ammoman Edited: Sorry, they just sold out a few minutes ago.
  6. Due to some flooding up here in Washington, I just got my AGP mags today. The bag zips up with all seven of the mags in either the vertical or horizontal position. Fully loaded, the bag ways in at 14.5lbs. . This would work great as a "Bug Out" bag. Maxpedition makes some great gear!
  7. Since you're into AR's, you might want to check out the LWRC SABR. That's one bad motherfucker! I know for a fact that LWRC will be takin' pre-orders for them at the '09 SHOT SHOW. I'm shipping out in 6 days, so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to put down a payment for one of them. Thankfully I found some great ppl willing to get one for me, and ship it out to a buddy of mine to hold for me. When I get back in September, I should have my SABR and converted Saiga waiting for me.
  8. Sweet collection you got there. I hate you.
  9. I'd probably be better off gettin' the walnut grips from USFA. It's a real hassle to have to send out the gun, and wait god knows how long to get it back. Though those Buffalo horn grips are purdy. Thanks for the info bro.
  10. The link won't open. I'd love to see how a $1,000,000 colt 45 looks like. Thanks
  11. Ha! I fell in love with the 92F ever since I seen that movie. Grew up and figured I needed a real handgun. Now I'm a 1911 owner for life!
  12. Just checked out those grips you mentioned. Those would look perfect on a nickel plated saa. It kinda sucks that USFA doesn't offer any black grips other than the stock plastic ones. If you don't mind me asking, what's the total cost to have those grips installed? Thanks.
  13. I bought a PT1911 a few months after they first came out. Only put around 1500 rds. through it, with only 4 FTE, shooting Wolf ammo. It's an accurate and well built pistol. Love the sights and trigger (though it's a bit sloppy compared to my TRP.) And for only $560, it's a steal.
  14. I got my eye on the one on the left, but I prefer a 5 1/2" barrel in 45 colt. Those one piece walnut grips are gorgeous. Just not sure if they're worth $250! Thanks for the link.
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