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  1. It's been awhile since ive been here and thought I would repost my Tromix SBS.. She still runs like a watch..
  2. I have an AMAC .50BMG rifle. Heavy beast but shots great.
  3. I have a Russian and a Bulgarian Makarov. Sometimes I carry the Bulgraian.
  4. the M78 I had was milled, All I have ever seen were milled.
  5. No folding stock on my Saiga SBS. It had an Ace hinge on it when I got it from Tony, but I removed it and bolted the stock up solid.I'm not a big fan of folding stocks.
  6. I use a Dillon 550, Redding Ulta Mag and for my .50BMG rifle I use a RCBS Ammomaster.
  7. I hate that 18,000 people lost their jobs, but I personalty will not miss Twinkies..
  8. I believe to get the stock to lock when folded you have to have either the Swiss style adjustable stock or a true Swiss folding 550/551 stock.
  9. I put a Wolff spring kit in my Alaskan and it made a huge difference. Well worth the cost and no problems with misfires or any other problems
  10. neither one, they both run to damn fast for metal work. Try to drill a .50 hole in a piece of 4140 or 316 stainless steel at 570 RPM
  11. You will lose more brass to split necks and loose primer pockets than to dents on the sides of the case.
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