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  1. Thank you for the response. I will stop worrying..
  2. I remember long ago,a topic addressing this prob but couldnt find it. I tiook my Saigas ,7.62x39 and my 12 gauge Saiga out this afternoon and had a good time. I noticed the brass casing for my 7.62 had dented the shell casings,as I was picking up the brass. Seemed they all had this dent. Gun fired perfect even with this,problem? Can Any one describe whats goingon,, for me?? Thx.. Roger
  3. "SORRY" I see I double posted.... I was posting my pics in the pic thread, but it didnt show up? Soo posted again thinking it hadnt worked,any way, they scattered ,,
  4. Good, yes it does, I couldn't tell about the stock and grip. Im not one to give you crap, just trying to help in case you didn't know about the rediculous law that I find myself explaining a lot to people I run into. If you click on the 2nd pic ,it will expand and let you see where my trigger guard now resides. Thx..
  5. This is just out of the box. This is before conversion pic,,and did arrive in a hard Saiga - American case.
  6. Will post a few pics of my Saiga. Just finished the basic conversion yesterday. Purchased a furniture kit from ATI,,but the fore arm ,upper/lower dont seem to fit. Folding stock took a lot of filing,but was expected.
  7. What brand Mag are you using? Thanks.
  8. I purchased a 10 rd Tapco Mag, that was said to fit my Saiga 7.62X39.. It wont lock in due to a little excess locking lip that doesnt allow the mag to set all the way in and lock. If I files the Mag locking tab at the bottom to allow it go set all the way in.Will it cause the tab to eventually break off?? Thanks.
  9. Yes,I sure look forward to getting my conversion kit. Will be taking both Saigas out for a work out when the conversion is completed. Thx
  10. Prob get the same kit from CSS as I used in converting my S 12.. I like the T6 stock, Already have some 30 rd mags. I havent dressed up my S 12 yet either. Was waiting untill I could buy the rifle. I like the stubby fore arm . I want rails on both Saiga,s. I have a genuine folder given to me. I could always put on the rifle. Any way this is the fun part,esp after I get the conversion finished. Wish I could afford the reqd permits and smith work to shorten the S 12 up. Ive been paying on a Polish 60 milled from Century,, So have my budget really pinched right now.
  11. Yeah,wish I had gotten one for my S 12. But happened to have an extra case that fits it. Im guessing if you can buy the case,it,s shipping cost would be more?? The price for the Saiga I thought was good ,compared to the gunbroker.. So getting the hard case was cert an extra bonus.
  12. where did you buy it ? Centerfire systems.. On the internet,,$349.00 plus shipping,it comes out of Kentucky ( I will take a pic of the out sideview of the case)
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