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  1. Thanks for that sir! I already have one in my hands My buddy just got himself a 5.45, and the first thing he did was convert it. He said I could have his old gas tube, so all is well. Thanks again, Red.
  2. Hey all, I had a bit of a mishap with my factory gas tube, and suffice to say, its busted. I was wondering if anyone here knows of a place where I can get a new one? Thanks guys, Red.
  3. Hey all, I had a slight mishap with my saigas gas tube, and its broke now. I have been looking all over the place for a replacement factory gas tube, but they are super hard to find. Would anyone here happen to have a spare that they are not using? hit me up if you can help me out thanks again guys, Red.
  4. I love my 5.45! great shooter, fun, cheap to feed...
  5. I had the same sort of issue with my 7.62x39. Turned out it was the shyte side mount. I had the UTG lever mount, and it looks like you have the UTG bolt on. My groups were all over the place one day, and i was going crazy trying to figure out why... Turns out the mount was loose and was flapping against the receiver after every shot, spoiling my zero. I tightened up the lever as much as i could, and torqued it towards the receiver before closing the lever. After i did that, I got my best group EVER. I am going to be getting a decent side mount for it that hopefully takes care of the slack
  6. I have this problem as well. My eyes are terrible. I just gave up on using Iron sights... still practice with them occasionally, but I have either a scope or red dot on all my rifles.
  7. I cant wait till you nail down the recipe for that handguard... I want one...
  8. Hey CZ, In the unmodified version of the stock there is a steel post just behind the cheek riser that is meant for a sling to pass through... Here is a pic: you can kind of see it there, just behind the cheek riser. I have a 3 point sling on it, it was the most comfortable sling i could find for it.
  9. accuracy from a bone-stock saiga is really pretty damn good. If you cannot convert, and are wary of converting it yourself, I would suggest staying away from the trigger job show above. You really need to know how that FCG works, because if you mess it up, you will have a very dangerous rifle on your hands. The first Saiga that i got I have left unconverted, and it shoots really well. The trigger wont win any awards, but after a couple hundred rounds you really do learn to use it well. I would say to get more ammo and practice with it. Really pay attention to how the trigger feels
  10. Went shooting today, and took the modified mag with. Success! It worked perfectly! I will move forward with modifying the other one, and i will document the complete process with photos. Cheers all, Red.
  11. Think1st, Please do take the idea and use it! Here is a list of things that i used: Sacrificial poly mag - I cut small sections out of the front of the sacrificial magazine to make the insert. Fitting it was pretty simple, i used a sharp knife to do the final trims to get it to fit. 1/32 drill bit - Dremel makes good ones that you can pick up online for pretty cheap. 1/32 diameter, half inch length steel rods/dowels - Again, you can pick these up online, i got mine in packs of 10 and of course, JB WELD! First thing to do is to cut out a piece of polymer from the s
  12. Hey all! I think the modified mag works! here are some pics: This is after a bit of filing to bring the level of the mod flush with the mag... you can see how i gooped up the jb weld. from the side. you can see the polymer insert, as well as the steel pin. All in all, it was a fiddly job that i enjoyed doing. I got some snap caps to test cycling, and it cycled every time. No failure to go into battery. I even tried holding the rifle in funny positions to see if gravity could throw it off, but it went into battery every time as well. The top of the polymer
  13. Hey there Think1st, I finished one this weeked The most difficult part was finding the parts i needed... I ended up getting a couple of 1/32 dremel drill bits, that i chucked into my drill press. I did a couple of tests, and found that a single hole drilled into the magazine just in front of the follower, and a corresponding hole drilled into a piece of polymer from a sacrificial magazine lined up quite well. Once i had the holes drilled, i took a small metal rod 1/32 in diameter (these can be found on the interwebs in packs of 10), and pushed it into the magazine hole. I then to
  14. I have the AFG on my 16 icnh 5.45. I am with you, It feels more natural to have it there. My weak capitalist wrists begin to get tired using the normal AK handguard. I have a 20 inch 7.62x39, and a bipod on it. It is a very accurate rifle, as I'm sure you know. Mine likes Golden Tiger best, but finding it of late has been a fruitless task. When/if you put a bipod on it, try and get it as close to the receiver as possible. I have found that having it close to the receiver helps balance it out more than if it were forward. It also looks more dragunov-y
  15. I have that same stock, minus the filling. I really like it. You dont need to modify anything, and it works very well with a scope mounted. The only complaint I have about it is that the pistol grip section feels a little too short. If it was half an inch longer, it would be perfect.
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