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  1. yea I understand that but the government is totally over stepping it's rights. And who knows where that might lead
  2. I read this thread, listen to alex jones and Rush and read the article. Yes the patriot act had to do with monitoring but not like this. Think about it, if this was all already in effect thanks to Bush why is it just making news now ?
  3. of course he'll be out of office he CAN'T run again....... and the patriot act had nothing to do with spying on the entire U.S. population at any time for any reason other than the fact that they can... which is what Obama just started doing
  4. If we would have voted for Obummer he would have give us FREE and Unlimited Likes but since we did not this is what we get.....
  5. I know Rob is a nice guy he offered to get me some ammo i could not find locally and ship it to me and didn't want anything in return just the costs of the ammo and shipping. There are good people out there and there are ones who would sell their Grandma for a profit now you know which one of those guys your cousin is.
  6. the guns I hate to shoot are 45-70's and mosin's. The mosin have that brass but plate and the 45-70's are expensive to shoot and leave you with a sore shoulder afterwards. That is no fun
  7. Why are you such a jerk? I bet you still live with your mother. OMG the restraint it's taking me not to add to this comment. You guys should be very proud of me. If I didn't have a job..... and a life maybe I would do the same. Considering Wally world has a three box max that looks like a lot of waiting so he must not work a whole lot if at all.
  8. I guess we should be glad this is not getting too much Press those on the Left would find a way to make it about gun control I'm sure.
  9. I was thinking Drug deal gone wrong Also or Gang initiation but who knows...... I don't think anyone was killed which is good to hear. Hope everyone recovers and they get the SOB's that did it
  10. As many as 12 shot in New Orleans Mother's Day parade Published May 12, 2013 FoxNews.com DEVELOPING: New Orleans police are searching for three suspects Sunday after at least 12 people were shot during a Mother’s Day parade. Chief Serpas announced in a press conference that the youngest victim is believed to be a 10-year-old girl. Police say she suffered a graze wound, WVUE Fox 8 reported. Police say about 300 were attending the traditional jazz band parade when shots were fired. No other information was immediately available Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/05/12/as-many
  11. Found out my Church had some unused filled sand bags they were looking to get rid of..... Got down to the church and found out they had over 300 and they were FREE.... What will I do with them ? Not sure yet but I'm open to suggestions.
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