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  1. I made the posting you are linking to back in 05-19-2011: IO were selling "Hell Hounds" and "Hell Pups" back then and they were not Polish manufacture. They had their hands in the manufacturing and or converting them. I dont know about the Polish ones they are now selling also as Hell Pups. I am hoping they are 100% Polish and no hands of IO in the process.
  2. More of the story: I ordered 2 each Hellpups. 3 weeks later I called and asked them status and was told they just shipped me one, I told em 2 was to shipped. They were real nice and said ok we'll get you a second on shipped. Well when the first arrived it was not converted with the aluminum quad rail and phantom flash suppressor. Had to call em on that to get those parts shipped. The second one came and it did not include the promised 2 30round mags. Called em again. Then I test fired them and right out of the box they began to jam and shoot out the rear trunion. Then took 8 weeks after they received the returned bad guns to credit my money, wasted alot of time calling them again. They run full page adds in Shotgun News each issue. Watch Out
  3. Yall didn't send cash in an envelope right? If used a credit card, go to your cc company and challenge the purchase as vender not provided service or product and request them reversed charges. This usually works for the consumer very well IMO.
  4. Good Idea, Everyone who would like should call them and ask them to make right to customers out money and no products. What is their phone number? It isn't on their web site, asked them via email and no reply. Anyone have their number and everyone slam call the bastards.
  5. Royal Tiger Hellpup = Dangerous Weapon = Defective Weapon I purchased 2 Hellpup pistols from Royal Tiger. Both fired but would jam with a few rounds, with bolt open. These would constantlanty jam open. Realized the bolt carrier was trying to exit the rear channel of the receiver. Discovered the bolt carrier was striking the rear trunion and actually was trying to knock the rivets out of the cover plate and fly out the back end. A bolt flying back in your face could have resulted (this could injur or kill the shooter). Looks like the return spring is weak allowing travel too far aft and strike the rear trunion. Examing the spring it looks lighter that a normal ak return springs are installed in these weapons. NOTE: Images show actual position jammed. I returned the weapons to I.O. with details about this and wanted to talk to the techs about this problem. No one ever called me and after 8 weeks and I made multiple phone calls requesting status of my refund, finally got my credit card refunded. 8 weeks after they received the weapon for a couple of guns that were self destructing to get a refund???? Very disturbing. Hellpup is Hell alright!
  6. ShottyOne, you probibly opened your Christmas Presents before Christmas day too didnt ya!
  7. Mike right on, right time and right product. -- I secondYou guys need to make a new S12 all American made AK shotgun. Wondering if these will work in all aks or just in saigas (bullet block)?
  8. Administrators must have pulled it, I asked em to.
  9. I also wanted to say that Customers have a responsibility to their suppliers also.
  10. I emailed MD and asked them if they doubled their prices and felt that it was wrong for them. I posted here that MD Doubled their prices, that Fact was completely wrong on my part. In fact MD replied to my original email and corrected that this was a sale price. The reply from MD was quick, professional and I realized then that I spoke too soon. If I had waited a little bit MD would have straightend this out. I have 6 MD20 drums. They are a great product. I did not try the competions products as I felt MD was the Pioneers and needed suppord. I understand that they engeneered and manufactured the quality product with alot of elbow grease and brain sweat, and should be compensted for the time, effort and resources put forth. I was wrong to put post without getting facts. I whole hartedly believe they sell a Quality drum and do put forth all efforts to be a good supplier. That is darn sure apparent by the support comments MD got and well so deserved. A Cudos to prove that the loyal customer base is a testimony to the Manufacurer and Supplier MD Arms are. I was wrong, forgive my post, I still want to remain in the fold of loyal customers to MD Arms.
  11. I was going to use wheel weight lead for casting. Lee mould warned not to use it. Do you have any problem with moulding with salvage lead?
  12. 2 Love the drums I bought, cant wait for your new products; appreciate your work Mike!
  13. How about a discount for previous Drum purchasers?
  14. Go to auto salvage yard and pull the wheel weights off of the cars.
  15. Pics Please. Also where do you get the lead from(cheap)? I now use wheel weights and when I asked the manufacturer about that he said that is what they use mostly. Get em from tire shops free and went to junk yards and got em free there too but had to get off the junk cars myself.
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