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  1. SALE PENDING AT THIS TIME.. Thanks for the interest and support..
  2. Having trouble with thread... please send phone number again and best time to call. ... and zip for checking mailing.. thanks, Louie 9419160288 cell
  3. Due to health issues,only checking forum once a week... but will get in contact with anyone interested... Want this to go to a good home... Thanks..
  4. Well gentlemen (and ladies)...... My Stuff is still on the market! See original post for all the goodies... I’ll send more Picts if anyone interested. A GOOD BUY FOR SURE! Hea
  5. BUMP IRS refund time guys... Good place to spend a small amount of dough for a GREAT DEAL,
  6. Good luck with the health stuff, Seems like you can’t get ahead for sliding backwards sometimes.
  7. BUMP. ... still waiting.. Got. Grand daughter getting married so GOT TO GO! Thanks..
  8. Still have health issues.. Momma says closet queen has to go! first firm offer over/at $600 plus shipping takes it! All items/photos still the same. See older listing Weapon to your FFL, other stuff direct to you. this is my “work in progress” with every thing there... discreet pay pal for saiga parts galore or USPS Money order . Estimate: shipping total at $150.00 .. .... will refund any change less than the $150.
  9. I remember I sent you a forearm I "hacked up" trying to give it vents... Somethling you could prqctice on. Wondered if you had any forearms (vented or other) available for the 308 and their $$. ... Incase I put my unit back together in a more normal configuration... Thanks...
  10. If you're still looking... I've got a full setup and pieces for sale... See my WTS add... let me know...
  11. Did you ever find what you needed? Have a setup I bought from and used once on my 308. Still in good shape... Let me know... $10 and cheapest shipping we can find.. g
  12. OK... item pulled for now... If anyone wants a piece of the pie, let me know... May list it in parts later...
  13. BUMP,,, Members and Followers.... I'm going to give this until Nov. 1st, then I'll either keep the &^%$ thing or part it out. I can always take some time and use another 308 in my stable... Let me know if you want it...
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