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  1. Apparently no one has anything to sell.....
  2. Looking for another....... The 2 I have are lonely. Converted, not converted, trick, custom, plain, fancy, don't care, if it's for sale, let me see it. What you got?!!! Not interested in SBR. Don't want to deal with paperwork. My sheriff is a prick anyway. Thanks in advance.
  3. Smooth transaction and part better than described.
  4. Yes, they do indeed want us to do something. What a better excuse to impose martial law, confiscate guns and imprison and/or kill millions of political dissenters. I do believe there are certain elements in the gun grabber mentality that really do want this sort of thing to happen. But everyone should be careful what they wish for. The flash point could come from either side of the aisle and all it takes is a fraction of an inch too far from either direction to start a back and forth debate that would most likely end poorly for everyone concerned. I only hope it hasn't already gone t
  5. A blade section would be nice. I refuse to post pictures of my edged assault knives. They might be held against me.
  6. I'll take the Draco pistol grip with sling loop.
  7. I believe there was some sort of record and/or receipts found at the home that they found. Doh! Didn't even think of that as I don't keep any receipts after 2 years.
  8. What's interesting is that they did it 6 days after the shooting. I didn't think there was a gun registry. How did they know that weapon was purchased there? Is there some way the serial number is tracked from the OEM to the shop? The 4473's are kept locally at the shop as far as I know and the weapon isn't tied to an individual unless there is reason for the BATFE to inspect the forms or the gun shop goes out of business and turns their 4473's in. That's how it works in my state.
  9. Check out this dumbass in the comments section of that article. Oh wait, FUCK YOU! SMH at the sheeple. Must....Keep....Calm..... Oh wait, does me saying that through gritted teeth with a slightly, well let's just say, awkward grin make me a candidate to be reported? Beginning to feel like a prole here........Oh wait, FUCK YOU! SUPER USER·1,300 Fans·I Think, therefore I POST! Excellent. Colorado will lead the nation in the effort to curb gun violence - I commend them for being brave enought to step up and be seen as being against the human tragedy that gun viol
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if it was tossed in with some inane appropriations bill for "the children" or some shit. Look at all the crap they have shoved down the our throats without "We The Peoples" consent in the past few years. What the hell ever happened to governed by the consent of the governed?
  11. Well it looks like the Small Arms Treaty that the gun community and the NRA in particular has been saying was doom and gloom for some time has passed at the UN. I wonder what this means for the US and our Second Amendment rights. In the current environment, nothing would surprise me. Thoughts? http://news.yahoo.com/u-n-overwhelmingly-approves-first-ever-global-arms-155542094.html
  12. My issue with it is that people go through problems from time to time and may seek help. Seeking professional help would make you a pariah and IMO, could reduce people who need short term help from seeking it. I mean if we go to these lengths, shouldn't there be some sort of criteria for keeping people from owning a firearm other than just being admitted to a mental facility. I read this to mean that if someone is having a rough time when they are 20 due to a parent dying, combined with a sick child and they become mentally stressed/depressed for a short time and seek help for examp
  13. I can't believe this is happening in my country. http://www.wral.com/conn-reaches-deal-on-tough-gun-laws-after-newtown/12291898/ HARTFORD, CONN. — Connecticut lawmakers announced a deal Monday on what they called some of the toughest gun laws in the country that were proposed after the December mass shooting in the state, including a ban on new high-capacity ammunition magazines like the ones used in the massacre that left 20 children and six educators dead. The proposal also called for background checks for private gun sales and a new registry for existing magazines that carry 10
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