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  1. I ask, because I shoot at 50 yards when at the range and keep my rear target on setting 1. Should I move it back at all? Also, if your sights are set on 100 yd you will hit a little bit low at 50.
  2. I bought a 3-point tactical FGA sling from www.slingsonly.com. I really like it. It may or may not be what you are looking for but check them out. I think $15 plus shipping.
  3. Hi - newbie to this forum here, and my first post. I have just received a POSP scope for my Saiga 762x39. Its a great scope it seems, but when mounted it is about 1.5 cm to the left of the barrel centerline, and fairly low although the iron sights are usable with the scope on. It is contortionist training though to use the iron sights with the scope on. My question is, is this always the case, or are there other versions of the Russian scope/mount that would center the scope directly over the bore, leaving room for iron sights or no? Thanx in advance
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