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  1. Thanks for the help. The new one is on the left. I'm taking it to the range this week and can hardly wait!
  2. It's been awhile since I have been very active here and there have been some product changes since I was really into it. To preface this a bit, I've done 2 7.62x39 and 2 S12 conversions as well as built around 20 AK's from kits. Needless to say, I'm handy with a dremel and not afraid to hack and slash on a firearm This is my current love: Yesterday I acquired an unconverted 2001 S12 with the 22" barrel, no BHO in very nice condition. I thought that since this is the MOST rabid hoard of S12 lovers anywhere I'd ask a few opinions on some of the new stuff to make conversions easier. Particularly I was wondering about the RAM S12TG drop in. After cutting my own grip nut holes and re-doing the factory guards, this thing looks like a great time saver. Is it any good or should I shuck out a couple more bucks and get a different one? Which is good and won't break the bank? Also, how is the S12 FCG pin retainer? I like them in AK's, but how is the S12 version? Should I just stick to E-clips? Any suggestions on a BHO? I wa thinking about just putting a notch in the selector and calling it good. I probably won't make this one as "craptical" as the one pictured. Just cut down the barrel and throw on either a Romy folder or the Tapco AK stock. Before anyone asks, Yes I know my 922 count and yes, the barrel will be 18.5 inches when complete. Thanks in advance!
  3. I just wanted to extend a big THANK YOU! to MAA. I placed an online order for a Magnolia State Armory Galil mag adapter Sunday night and received it today. After squabbling with MSA directly and waiting for Gpal to get me a refund, MAA's quick turn around with no BS or drama was a great relief. Thanks again, I will be doing business with you and recommending you in the future!
  4. Here are a couple pics: I went ahead and put in a bullet guide while I had it stripped for conversion. I could tell from the way the FMJ rounds barely made it into the chamber that soft nosed and hollow points would snag. There is a bevel at the bottom of the chamber just like what guys put on their 223 conversions. From all appearances, the receiver is a mil-spec AK without the third hole having been drilled. There's a faint trace of a cyrillic selector marking still showing through also. Unfortunately my Pic-Fu is weak and those shots turned to crap. I got the rifle slightly used (under 50 fired) from a local guy who intended to convert it but changed his mind. It was $250 with the K-Var Nato stock included. It was originally purchased for $249 at Ben's Loan in Renton, WA. Right now it has a Century FCG (polished, of course), pistol grip and I'll drop in a gas piston today as I'm waiting for a TDI ergo-grip. Dinzag--are your 6-32 screws grade 8's? If so I'd like to get a couple in case my ACE hardware ones f-up. Thanks!
  5. I got a new Saiga, it has dimples and looks like the right side had some welding done over the top of the original stampings and on the inside right rail. When I was seeing how much to take off the mag catch I put in two rounds to check rail alignment. When I slowly ran the bolt back and forth both rounds fed and ejected perfectly. I tried a few more rounds, then different mags. All fed and ejected fine, even when letting the bolt slam into them. There is a bevel under the chamber and I'm guessing this helps. I'm also using Wolf classic FMJ's as testers. I have everything I need to do a bullet guide (done it before) so it's not an issue, BUT why bother if it's not needed. My question is: anyone have any info on the new imports or experienced this yet? Thanks in advance!
  6. If anyone who replied actually knew Zach, they'd know that he is a resilient and tenacious individual who'll get what he wants despite whatever negative BS you throw at him. No matter what folks here might think of him for this offer, or of me and my opinion for that matter, Zach is good people in my book. Hey, he's trying and not giving up and whining about the gougers on E-Bay rather than enjoying his hobby.
  7. I'm trying to find an original Saiga 7.62 x 39 magazine catch that hasn't been ground or messed with. It can be still attatched to the spring and housing. Has anyone that's done the conversion have one laying around? Thank you.
  8. Why shouldn't they? They merely facilitate the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Maybe you failed economics or need to take a refresher course. This is still a free market economy and supply is always driven by demand, whether it is an artificially created demand such as new Playstations or a real one Sumatran coffee beans. As far as the moral implications of an inflated price, this isn't a medical necessity or food commodity. People who can afford a boat own a boat, if they can afford two new cars, boat, swimming pool and a house earned those items by one way or another. I've noticed that the "have-nots" that begrudge the "halves" generally lack the same drive and work ethic that it takes to be successful. I don't know you personally Bvamp, so this is by no means a personal attack but you are really starting to sound just like the type of person I'm describing. I hope this is not the case and my perceptions are merely erroneous. And again a good thread has gone to crap and off topic, sorry guys. I'll refrain from posting on this board ever again.
  9. Wow, I had come real close to almost respecting you. So when you go into a store that is too expensive for you but you want their stuff anyway do you set off the sprinklers to get it at a discount? Hey, if you can't afford to use your firearms sell them to those who can, or maybe have a job that doesn't give you 24/7 right to obsess about one type of gun all day, every day. This site was helpful while doing my conversions but now I'm finding it to be an annoying bastion of petulant, self-absorbed whiners at home with their obsession and misery. You guys should realize that there is a wide world of AK's out there with cheap mags and DIMPLES!
  10. I've got an East German folder that is almost identical to the Romy folder except for the paddle release. The cheek weld stings as it smacks your face and it digs into your shoulder. This is 7.62x39 with the matching parts it was built for. It's built solid as a rock but I wouldn't put it on my S12. The recoil pads are sold by K-Var.
  11. When you don't have an impact screwdriver a couple of smart taps with a hammer to the screwdriver helps loosen things up. I know what you mean teadie, I've got 4 5 rounders (one still in the wrap) and a couple of two's so I can be patient. I can see how it would be really frustrating only having one mag and no pile of other AK's with you at the range though.
  12. welcome teadie. folks we are now graced with the presence of by far one of the finest AK builders around. So teadie, here to bitch about the lack of hi-cap 12 mags with the rest of us?
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