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  1. I can't leave you guys, I've got all of what should be my new Z06 money tied up into these molds. And I can't sit in the molds and make vrrroom vrrroom noises. We'll have a vote later on what color Z06 you guys are gonna pay for Kevin Kevin, sir, I want to BE you.
  2. Dude, seriously, the fact that we can't buy tickets to space yet, is the friggin' letdown of the century. We poured all our hopes and dreams into outer space, and those damn clowns and NASA squandered it all. I'll bet those M60's on the shuttle don't even work. Foam keeps slamming into the barrel or some shit like that.
  3. ok "saboting" a .50 bmg into anything sounds crazy..but with that case it looks do able You know damn well this board is all about the crazy. I guess maybe there's not such thing as a sabot for the .50. Unless there are saboted 20mm rounds. Hrmm....
  4. I'm quite familiar with metal elasticities thank you. Bending has never been the concern with mounting things to the AK dust cover, although, if I understand you correctly, you seek to mount to the rear sight base, which is pretty cool. To tell you the truth, I'd buy it. I just don't really like the idea of potentiall raising the AK sight plane.
  5. Sign me up. Where do I buy them? Oh, and can I sabot .50 caliber API bullet into them? B-)
  6. California, here I come!! No, my understanding is that it's not even a typical production item in Russia.
  7. ForGreatJustice


    Ah...the fabled "30mm grenade". It'll go really well with my 10mm pulse rifle (they mostly come at night.....mostly!) Too bad each and every one of them would have to be a registered DD.
  8. Oh Jeez.....where do we even begin with this one?
  9. Whoa. I don't know that it has a name yet, but if you search the forum, you'll find a thread about a .50 BMG case blown out to 12 ga. For what its worth though, it doesn't look like that cartridge can properly fit the S-12 mag. It looks like its just been cramme din for a photo-op.It looks a little too big to be .50 phantom or .50 beowulf though....
  10. Is it the same receiver as the Saiga .308 first gen?
  11. Question....did they make the top half of the HALO separable? And what flavor of aluminum did they eventually pick?
  12. Exactly. anything like that for the Saiga12 that anyone knows about? I have surfed the net for them & never seen any. Sounds like this would be the first attempt of such a thing (that I know of anyway) I'm afraid I don't think so. There's no real tactical advantage to it on the AK platform, certainly not on a shotgun, and "cool factor" can only drive manufacturing so far. The stabilize the back end of the rail you'd either have to stick it to the dust cover, or side mount...or SOMETHING.
  13. Done and done! http://www.defensereview.com/modules.php?n...article&sid=846
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