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    Recoil Pads

    SCHULTZE, Where did your get you recoil pads and how do they attach?
  2. iSaiga

    Recoil Pads

    The AK platform is so ubiquitous, yet nobody makes a decent slip on or screw on recoil pad. Does anybody have any leads on one?
  3. Nice looking but: 1) Do you have to cut the tang to install? 2) What's it made from? (Advanced Techno Polymer!) Specifically, What polymer? 3) Is it reinforced with aluminum or steel? 4) Does it have the necessary 3 degree angle to minimize recoil?
  4. iSaiga

    ProMag issues

    Hi Puzzlin, Don't listen to this guy, he doesn't know what he's talking about. The first thing to do after joining this forum and introducing yourself is start a new thread titled "Cobra, When is You're LRBHO Coming Out!?" Note: Only do this AFTER sending a PM to the user 'Cobra' with the same title. Welcome!
  5. That's the sweet Saiga Sweetness I was at the range the other day, running my S-12, when a couple of younger guys started looking into my lane. I could hear them with my electronic head set "Wow, Dad, come look at this shotgun! It's got magazines like an AK!" Dad glances over and says: "Come on back, your 870 police model is way better then that. You don't want one of those, they jam all the time." I couldn't resist. I leaned out an said "Yeah, Saiga's suck. You don't want one." Welcome to the club!
  6. If you want a Jeric / Warfield Armory LRBHO, I have an extra one. PM me if you're interested. I run one in my 3-gun competition S-12 and it makes a BIG difference in reload speed.
  7. Thank You. So, do you remove the head on the rear(trunnion)rivet on the outside of the receiver and then flatten the remaining shaft to form the head of the rivet?
  8. Howzit Saigaphiles! How difficult is it to remove the sight rail from the S12 receiver? What are the steps in the process? Any pitfalls to be avoided or special tools required? Thanks in Advance.
  9. Hi Elia, Do you have a link to that thread? I'd be interested in reading it.
  10. Who can say no to a $100 20 round drum? I'm in...again.
  11. ZERO failures. None at all with a 'combat' cartridge (00 buck/slugs). None at all in 3 gun matches with Federal Wally-World bulk packs, provided I remembered to adjust my gas system prior to starting the day I had failures initially when A) I didn't know how to work the gas system, and they only occurred with the bulk pack bird shot mentioned above. Out of the box, I've never had a failure with a 'combat' load.
  12. Wow! Ballsy AND Unique. Awesome combination
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