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  1. Just my $0.02...I've got the SGM poly setup and the Carolina Shooters Supply SAIGA RIFLE TRI-RAIL setup on my various Saiga carbines. In my opinion (YMMV!) the SGM setup is the way to go...lighter, enough room for a tac light. The CSS setup is durable as hell, but pretty heavy. The big advantage to the CSS rig is that you can mount a bipod right up next to the receiver (most stable location on these rifles) if you you were of a mind. Either rig is good kit in my opinion. De Oppresso Liber
  2. No doubt! If I were looking to build a light, very compact carbine, AND this setup came in a 16" configuration AND if there were a nice assortment of accessory parts out there, I'd be doing the Snoopy Dance! But, such is not the case at this moment. So, back to looking. (And isn't that a big part of the enjoyment of Saigas?) Of course, as always, YMMV! Old SF
  3. Drifter, thanks for the reply. Sadly, you pretty much confirmed my fears: That the variety on accessory components available out there for this particular model is pretty limited. Given this model's longer, heavier barrel, my goal for this rifle is/was to build a DMR/SPR-esque rifle on an AK platform. Obviously, a metal frame type stock wouldn't really fill the bill. So, I guess it might be back to square one! Maybe look at the 20" .223 VEPR. Again, thanks for the assist. Old SF
  4. HPD: I've never messed around with anything other than the straight-forward 'Saiga-back-to-AK47 conversion. Where is the best place to source an AK100-series stock? Billy bob: Have you heard anything back from Legion yet. Thanks to both of you. Old SF
  5. My question is can this model Saiga be readily converted to the standard, fixed-stock version (when putting the firearm back into 'original AK configuration? Old SF
  6. I don't see this discussed anywhere else. I am looking at the Saigas that Legion is offering on their website. Some of the long-barreled variants have a removable butt stock. Are those models as easily converted as the non- removable stock variants? Thanks in advance, Old SF MJT
  7. I am considering jumping onto the VEPR bandwagon. One on my (many) questions regarding this series is whether the models with the so-called 'integrated sights' can be fit with the TWS railed top-cover. Does anyone out there know? Thanks in advance. Old SF MJT
  8. L-r-d, I looked around on the Vepr .223 forum but didn't find anything that addressed my question. But then, searches and I aren't on the best of terms!!! I'll look again. Capt. H, I appreciate the assist. I also 'appreciate' your avatar! Most...'striking!!!' Old SF MJT
  9. Are factory Saiga & Vepr magazines interchangeable? What about Galil mags modded to work in the Saiga? Will they work in a Vepr. I have a converted 5.56 Saiga along with 20 or so modded Galil mags and would like to get a 5.56 Vepr as a stable-mate IF the mags interchange! Thanks in advance for the assit. Old SF
  10. Not on this rifle, I am attempting to control myself and employ the keep it small, keep it rugged, keep it simple method. Now on the other hand that is interesting for my boltie its a brand I had not considered up to now out of ignorance. Thanks for the info. I've been running the 2-7X32 Redfield for a couple years now & am very pleased with the optic. It's mounted in Burris Tactical (6 screw) rings on a TWS Gen II cover...great general-purpose optic, clear, compact, rock solid! Mine has the "AccuRange" reticle ($10 more). I think you'll be pleased. Old SF MJT
  11. Given the parameters you have set out, you have two RELATIVELY low-cost options: Stick with the stock Saiga mags (they are plenty robust & commonly available at a fair price if you shop around). Or: the SGM line which offers 5, 10, 15 & 20 rounders (as well as 25 & 30 rounders) to meet your specific requirements (I'm not as certain about their robustness & they can be pricey! But they offer you a few more options. Either way, you will not need a bullet guide. As always, YMMV. Old SF MJT
  12. Will the 5.56/.223 VEPR's feed from surplus Galil mags - either poly or steel? I have a 5.56/.223 Saiga that works well with them and I would really like to get the thing a 'companion,' but trying to find a Saiga, any Saiga, at a reasonable price is almost a joke!!! But, maybe the VEPR would be a suitable alternative! By the way, who is supposed to be the Saiga importer these days, since RAAC isn't any longer? And what are they doing? Because it really doesn't seem like it's importing Saigas!!! Thanks in advance. Old SF
  13. 'Leadslinger,' if you still have that .223, send me a PM. I might be interested in buying the whole setup. Many thanks, Old SF
  14. I have heard a few (unsubstantiated) rumors to the effect that the commercial ammo coming in from Russia, et al is at least somewhat corrosive. .I've never personally seen any evidence of this, but figured that it would be worth checking with the assembled multitude here. Thanks in advance Old SF
  15. The title pretty much says it all. I've checked several wholesalers who usually have ready supplies of the different Saiga varieties but everyone seems to be out do stock. What's up? Thanks in advance for the assist! Old SF
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