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  1. When I sent the one shotgun back due to the many issues with it I discussed with Kelly what needed to be corrected (pretty much everything). I think he left a message a month later saying they were working on both guns but that was the last I heard from them. I've talked to Esteban a half dozen times over these last two years and I am frankly tired of the excuses (had to go away for reserves, guys are out sick, bad business deal, couldn't get time on the CNC, etc), I just want what I paid for. I appreciate the replay and the information you provided, I will try to contact both of them today
  2. Back story, I sent Esteban 2 saigs 12s in March 2010 with his promise that they would be completed within 3 months (full conversion for each including folding stock, 8" barrels, barrel ramping, full function testing, milled front handguard, new break). I paid 50% with the order. He called me 3 weeks later stating that the guns were nearly completed and he required the final 50% payment. He also talked me into having each one done in Gun Coat at a reduced cost. I paid the final 50% plus the additional for the Gun Coat and waited. I waited several months and after calling repeatedly I would
  3. My gun has been at Etac for almost a year and a half and I am pissed, can't imagine waiting 4 years! If I lived in Hawaii I would have been at his shop daily.
  4. Don't buy anything from Etac, ever. Worst company ever.
  5. I ordered an SBS conversion for two Saigas with E-tac in early March of this year. I have read numerous forums about the few gunsmiths who do quality work on Saigas and I would have preferred to have had Tromix do the conversion but at the time they were not taking any new orders so I went with E-tac. Esteban told me that the conversion would only tax 1 to 2 months so I sent him 50% down along with the guns. Three weeks later he contacted me and said they were done. He also said that I should go with the Lava Shield and gave me a discount which I accepted and sent in my final payment f
  6. I have two Saiga 12's that I want to converted (folding stock, trigger, 8" barrel, weld old holes, refinish, function test, etc) and I have the tax stamps back from the ATF but I can not seem to find anyone to actually do the work. Tromix states on their website that they are not even taking orders and I cannot get E-tac to call me back. Does anyone have experience with other gunsmiths who can do a quality conversion on a Saiga?
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