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  1. The suppressed .50cal episode was really good!!! As for the Vince saga, I predict that he will return in later episodes and make things right with Will. Can't tell if this was a real conflict or staged drama, either way it does seem to add intrique to future episodes. Almost like a heavily armed soap opra. Although I tend to just focus on the guns, my wife actually gets drawn into these dramas. Perhaps the produces are using these dramas to maximize the viewing audiance. Not unheard of in reality TV.
  2. I think I may have missed the original airing of that episode. For me it was new.
  3. The episode this week was awsome!!! So much time has passed from when I saw the previous episode, I was not sure if some of the story line was going to continue, such as the saga with Kris's crush on Stephanie. At first, I didn't know what to think about this until my wife asked about it during this week's episode. Once there was even a slight hint that this saga was going to be continuing, my wife sat and watched the show with me. Absolutely brilliant!! I watch the show for the engineering aspects of it and now my wife watches it for the more soap apera aspects. This additional story line may
  4. I am still running mine. Did a 3-gun tournament last weekend and it ran flawlessly. Only problem (outside of my abilty) was a slug that did not eject properly but this was not related to LRBHO. Lost count of the rounds with it but it is well over 500-600 without problems. Once it is shaped and installed to working order, I think that it is as reliable as any other part on the gun.
  5. Has anyone but me had any success with these? I am supprised that the LRBHO devise is rarely discussed anymore dispite the long wait. I am still enjoying mine and plan on installing a second one.
  6. When does the next new episode air? Discovery channel has some myth buster show on during the Son of Gun time.
  7. Maybe adding material is not the answer, especially if you had to sand. The important thing is that you proved that it is possible to get both types of mags to work in the same well, which was the point I intended to make.
  8. I had actually seen a cannon like that at the Fort Benning Infantry Musium. Great episode!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. INDEED Now with the experience under your belt, would you feel confident enough to put together a supplemental video together that would enhance the one Bridis did that would help fill in the blanks for those like me who are sitting on the sidelines with the kit in hand but not enough confidence yet to tackle it? I was thinkin of clear close ups of it in the gun with commentary on what you did to make it successful. It would be a needed addition to the Saiga community. Good report, indeed. The pictures of the "Beak being shaped to clear the bolt face" is most likely the part t
  10. Took a couple of tries, but once I figured out the concept it really was not that hard.
  11. You could PM Tom Cole and GunFixer. They could tell you first hand since each has their own design. I could only comment on the Cadiz LRBHO as used in a JT MAGWELL. I chose not to use the MD20 drum due to ergonomics and I can have a faster mag change over with stick mags used in a magwell.
  12. Please look at my Pictures in the Cadiz LRBHO Range Report thread

  13. Added Pictures of my Cadiz LRBHO device to my thread

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