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  1. I got the GunFixr LRBHO. Like it a lot. There was no way I was going to do one of the kits by myself. Here is the thread with the review: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/72016-gunfixr-lrbho-modification-first-range-report/
  2. Seems like a good idea and people liked them. Odd that they are unobtainable now apparently.
  3. Got to agree that 5 rounders are not worth it since the fatory ones are cheap, available and reliable. 8 rounders and 10 would be more popular IMHO. Material would not matter to me personally. Even plastic would be ok so long as they had metal lips like the Commie mags Most import is that they are reliable and built to last. They must function 100%, no tweaking.
  4. Out of curiosity I had looked into this some years ago and attached any mechansim that is electronically activated by motor or solenoid was sticktly Verboten by ATF unless you are SOT manufacturer's licensed. Of course if you want to risk 10 years of Bubba a$$ pounding at Levinworth you are more than welcome to build it and take it to the local range and have a test case. Afterall, Cousin Janet and Holder need distractions for the Obomination turd to get re-elected.
  5. I sure would buy an UPLULA style loader for the MD20, My price point would be $30-$40.
  6. FlameRed

    Factory LRBHO

    I have the GunFixr LRBHO installed on mine. Works great. On the drums, it can cause the bolt to slam shut when the drum is inserted. I also had to put my MD20 drums back to the factory preset of 3 full turns of the spring. Other than that, it works great with low brass too. The Mags I have work great (won't close the bolt on insert). You need to send your Saiga to GunFixr if you want it installed because he has to machine a slot in your bolt. A few folks here have managed to install the Cadiz LRBHO themselves but I did feel that I could do it myself. There is no external peices or slots th
  7. Mine was similiar to the above poster. 3 turns is factory. I found that once I had my S12 set for low brass, I could run the drum with 2 turns which is nice because it makes it much easier to load. However, I later had the GunFixr LRBHO installed and the slight drag on the bolt made it so that I had to run the MD20 at the factory 3 turn setting again or I would get misfeeds.
  8. IMHO the GunFixr LRBHO is 100% reliable and the best option currently available. Here is my review http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/72016-gunfixr-lrbho-modification-first-range-report/page__fromsearch__1 On my last range tip I combined it with a AutoPlug and now it shoots the cheapest Wally World low brass 100% reliably. Just make sure your gun is not under gassed before you send it off for the GunFixr mod.
  9. There are plenty of posts about the LRBHO with lots of information out there - search is your friend.
  10. After watching this poll and thread, I was looking for an improved plug even though I had one of the generic aftermarket three position plugs already. I converted my gun myself and after a lot of advice from this forum I had it working perfectly with the Wally World cheap low brass stuff - drilling out the three gas holes to .093 made it run reliably. Gunfixr was kind enough to work his magic (he is a true artist) and install his LRBHO mod. After that, the gun did not like the Wally World cheap stuff anymore. So I installed the AutoPlug and tuned it as per the video. Now it works perfectly
  11. I used .093 also on all three ports. Worked very well with the Walmark bulk cheapie stuff.
  12. £105 Sterling for a mag? I'll wait for a US one...
  13. I'd go for a reliable snail drum about the same size as the MD20 at around the same price range. The more rounds the better!
  14. May I inquire to what drum is pictured here? Is it available in the US?
  15. Full Auto Saiga-12? I take it you are a SOT? I thought us mere mortals were entombed to have only pre-86 registered full autos?
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