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  1. I have to laugh a little at the idea that potentially having to fill out a form and mail it every five to ten years is a major down side to owning an SBS or the like. Pretty much any of my other toys require more than that. I have to fill out forms (and write checks) every year for my boat, my dirt bikes, my snowmobiles, and my Corvette. I have to do more than fill out a form every 5 years to take care of my horses. Hell, when I had a dog I had to get it licensed each year. Maintaining and keeping my vacation home takes way more effort than filling out a simple form and taking to post off
  2. Nuntnfancy is not particularly knowledgable about firearms based on the parts of his videos I've been able to sit through. He has a 1911 trigger job video where he just happily watches a "smtih" do a serious hack job on his 1911 and it is clear he saw nothing wrong with any of it and in fact that it was great. I would have punched the guy for doing some of that to my gun. In sum, I wouldn't worry one bit what that guy says. Just because you talk doesn't mean you know what you are talking about.
  3. If it were my gun, I would try to get the scope lower for both cheek weld and height over bore issues. I added 3/4" a riser to one of my magpul stocks and the improvement was dramatic. They are cheap at $20. I find that one cannot shoot well consistently and quickly without a good and repeatable cheek weld. You can use cardboard or something to build up a model and get an idea of how a 3/4" riser will be before dropping the money on it.
  4. Two questions for the OP: If you don't mind my asking how much as this build cost you (sans optic)? Secondly, what kind of cheek weld do you get with the optic that high? The pictures make it look as though a chin weld, at best, would be possible. Do you think a 3/4" magpul cheek riser would be high enough to correct for how high the optic sits?
  5. It shouldn't cause any jams or issues that way. If it did I would most likely end up tossing that magazine in the garbage. A magazine grip hold (with various rifles) was all the rage about a decade and more ago. However, It is not the most efficient shooting position, and is not what most knowledgeable people seem to teach or use today. Holding the gun farther out, gives more control and lets one drive and stop the gun more quickly. Traditional AK hand guards can be limiting in terms of how far out one can hold. There are lots of ways to hold and shoot a gun. One, should understand why
  6. I will be interested to see the reports on these when they start coming in. I am half interested in one 5.56 (because I already have my short 7.62x39 AK bases covered). However, unlike the dracos that were a steal at $350 these at $570 are not particularly appealing to me. By the time I add a stock and make it 922r compliant, since I would only get it to SBR it and at that point 922r is an issue, it is in AR shorty price range. It is interesting one how quickly the prices on AK pistols have climbed. It is also interesting that draco and mini seem to have been abandoned despite seemi
  7. Using a single point sling is SOOOOOOOO much less effective than a stock. As to bullped AKs, they, how should I put this, suck. I say that as a person who owns and rather likes bullpups. However when you retrofit bullpup kits onto AKs the result is not that great. Horrible trigger, the safety location is an issue if you want to do any style of shooting where putting the safety on and off is important (e.g. anything where you might move). The comfort and ergos suck even worse when you don't have a stock. Also, I'd get my own ATF letter before I even thought about doing a bullpup.
  8. Taking that shot with an S308 would be unethical for the vast majority of people. Even with a much more percise weapon a shot on game at that distance is beyond what most people have the ability to reliable make. So whether you have the 308 or the x39 you better start stalking for a closer shot. I have both the 308 and and x39. Shooting various things, and shooting each over a chronograph has left me convinced that even out of the 16" barrel the 308 still is packing significantly more punch than the x39. I think the 308 is the more versatile gun. That said the x39 gets shot more,
  9. How you shot it? Can you give us a range report? I have been very interested in that rifle since you first posted pics here. Thanks.
  10. Oh, being rude and talking shit about someone as a means of amusement is soooo much better than needlessly worrying about what someone else is wearing. Even more so when you have no idea what it is, or how essential it may or may not be to this person. Grow up.
  11. What is your opinion of the Kestrel? The price makes it tempting.
  12. If that 5.7 kaboom is the one that made rounds on a number of forums a while back, IIRC the guy finally admitted to it being a double charge. Double charges are an issue with just about all guns nothing unique there.
  13. It purportedly does not add much weight. A traditional AK hand guard weighs approximately 0.6 pounds. The TWS hand guard is said to weigh 0.8 pounds. Thus there is not a huge weight gain there. It is lighter than the ultimak. I don't know what the difference on the top cover is but it can't be much. In sum, it probably doesn't add as much weight as you think. I like that it covers the gas tube so one can use the type of grip I like with less danger of burning one's thumb and that it lets one move his hand out further. I also like the idea of running some folding BUIS like the troy
  14. Texas weapon system top cover and a TWS hand guard will get you as much of a flat top AK as is possible.
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