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  1. this is a totally different rifle once the conversion is done. It is balanced better, swings easier and it pulls right up tight to the body. I like the Warsaw stock. It just feels right. Test firing went without a problem, I can not remember the last time I had so much fun test firing. All told $225ish for the parts and $350 for the rifle, not bad. Now to get the PKAS setup. And I know, I know, pictures. As soon as I get a different paint job on there. The Engine enamel looks horrid. It does not match the rest of the gun at all. How tough is the betty crocker bake a gun stuff?
  2. got it. i don't know what went wrong, but i took it all apart cleaned everything, put it back together and it is all good. thanks for the help.
  3. check and check, thanks for asking. reminds me of tech support. first question, is your computer plugged in? so there is no grinding if i'm not using BHO?
  4. I am in the middle of my conversion. Furniture installed, painted, installed FCG, put back together, and when I pulled the bolt back it stuck. I let it fly and it went forward, but did not reset the hammer. I am leaving the BHO out of the picture, and know that there is a grinding of the side of the hammer to clear the BHO. I heard that you may need to grind the "hump" of the hammer, but I can not find any photos of exactly what I should do. Before I go dremel crazy and bubba up the gun, I thought I would post. This is so frustrating, I just want my newly converted baby at the range this weeke
  5. Yup, 922 is Federal. We have a couple of extra things we need to look out for as was stated earlier. No bayo-lug, flash hider, folding stock. Also, mags can not exceed 30rds after conversion. I am in Northeast MA if you would like a hand with the conversion, it really is easy. way better deal than a $500 WASR.
  6. No problem, buy the parts and I would be happy to convert it. It is such an easy project. I watched the videos 100's of times, read everything I could. In the end, it is so easy, and fun. I want to buy another Saiga just to convert it.
  7. thanks for the heads up glad i got the ones at SKSguy, phew. glad no one is going to laugh at me.
  8. check out cdnn, http://www.cdnninvestments.com/ it looks like they are only $14. It is listed as AK-47 30Rd Bulgarian 762X39 Metal lined black synthetic brand new $13.99 Looks like the best deal on these mags, damn wish I checked here first.
  9. 2 turns later. it is on. Full conversion this weekend. Thanks for all the help guys.
  10. wow, this job really sucks. No mention at all anywhere about what a PIA this is. I had to shave down the lip with a dremel, and I still can't get it on all the way. Makes me question how much fun the rest of this job is going to be. As of right now it is stuck on 1/2 way. Awesome. My hand is throbbing and I have a headache. ok rant off.
  11. Thanks for the advice folks. Since I do not have a vice, I guess I have to try the wrench and twist. I was trying with channel locks today. Man my hand hurts.. Hopefully I have more luck tomorrow.
  12. I have just started with the conversion this evening and though I would start out easy. I just put on the bottom handguard without a problem, thanks to dinzag's bolt on hg retainer. I am having a real problem installing the upper kvar plastic handguard. From what I can see I need to install it upside down then rotate it into place. Fine, 1 hour later and raw hands later, no go. So I see on one post to shave off a tiny bit of the lip to allow it to spin on. Before I screw up the handguard, I figured I would throw it out to you guys. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. sawx75


    Just put one on last month and I love it. It makes target acquisition really fast. Keep both eyes open and put it in the circle. It allows me to shoot trap reasonably well against the fudds. It is getting difficult to track one down, they stopped importing them. If you can track one down, I feel that it is a quality product that has impressed me from the second I put it on. Good luck
  14. Yup, same problem here. I bought mine used and it did not have the rubber eyepiece. That is supposed to help out a lot. Once you get it mounted you adjust the rubber eyepiece to set the proper eye relief. You can order it here if you need to http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/detail.aspx?ID=222 Nice to see someone else using the POSP, they are not used as much as I thought. What model are you using?
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