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  1. is there any advantage to the 20in barrel?
  2. so i good if i drop it into an ammo can? what about trudging through the woods with mags ont he chest during a good rain?
  3. i had planned to do this, may also dig a small holeand leave em in there a few days
  4. Will this have any effect on long term storage? what about reliability in wet weather...say you drop your loaded mag in some water..or it rains for 2 days on ya while out in the woods... can you seal it yourself? is it worth the time? i bought a case any none f it is sealed...i bought silver bear to and it is sealed red
  5. thanks guys for helping a noob. whats a good brand?
  6. for some reason i was under the impression they moved a lot ?
  7. can this be done pretty easy? is there anything that would prevent this?. my dad welds and id like a mount closer to the eye but i dont want it to move. i have the MDI quad but seems a little to far away for a nice red dot...am i wrong there?
  8. how much work was involved in installing?
  9. sorry, there is another post about thsi right now. did not see it
  10. the muzzle break on my sgl2 is kinda loose is this normal? ad does it effect the rifle accuracy? this is my first Ak.....
  11. you would think but im almost 100% sure there will not be. judging from the whole ordeal, esp since i asked for a small discount. i was actually going to order about 10 of the circle10 mags but was having so much trouble i held off. im happy as hell though that its on it way.
  12. thanks, im excited to finally have her!!!....monday anyways ill post some pics....
  13. yes i got the email. should be here monday. i really thoght when the shipping manager said "ill take care of it" it ment i was going to get faster shipping as promised...but i did not. at least its finaly on its way!
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