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  1. I don't quite see how it would be more useful without the lower rail, but yes you can remove it. Four allen head screws hold it on and three on the top rail.
  2. Well last night I was looking around the web and I came across this fairly new "beauty". I was instantly inlove to say the least lol. My younger years playing doom I suppose made me want a SxS. I read some reviews and videos on youtube and found out that it seemed to have this issue of firing both chambers at once with high brass. Ok now I have to have it! Yes, I wanted a shotgun with a known malfunction hahaha Just happend that a shop here in houston had one so I set out this morning and picked it up. A lot argue that rails on a SxS are retarded and pointless. And that they are the worst
  3. The only time I'd have to use a weapon would be here at home and honestly the saiga is too big and bulky for me to be using in close quarters. The pistol I can keep great control over and move around freely. If I were going into a war I would take my saiga then because to me it's more of a full battle rig. Now if I had a Tromix 8" I'd grab that for my house gun.
  4. In a life or death firefight I would grab my FNP45 over the Saiga. Honestly TO ME the saiga is just my toy if you will. I would also grab my Mossy 500 too.
  5. Yeah I know. I read about that and figured I was safe. Don't get me wrong I'm not downing them at all, I love this mag and will buy many more. Just a shame that something like this has given them a dirty mark in the eyes of other people.
  6. Went to the range today and had my friend with me. Went to load up the 10 rounder and it only took 8 and jammed bad.. Like dump the mag and the fallower stayed lodged in the bottom. Came home and took it apart and this is what I found. I've read they break into like 3 pieces but wow hahahah. Hope I can get a new spring for this mag, it worked sooo well before. Dylan
  7. Thats a nice finish job NutZ and I see that the sight rail was removed as well. Gives me a idea for a new S12 build.
  8. Count me in for rock n' lock. The steel look and feel will enhance the look of the Saiga a lot and make it that much more evil looking hehehe.
  9. I'm liking the moreso vertical design of these magazines. Not liking that they'll need a magwell but once I see the design of the well I might be persuaded to change over.
  10. Yeah I wouldn't take any off. Just like people who cut coils in their cars to drop it, not a good idea.
  11. Sometimes you have to file a small amount off the barrel. Don't grind. Just use a good file and take a few passes and try it again, if it still doesn't fit repeat until it fits.
  12. One time I locked my bolt while shooting. Guess my thumb went too far up and I was holding the catch up.
  13. No that is not normal for the spring to be like that. I don't think it will affect the function of the gun but you might want to look for a replacement cause it won't be good if it breaks the coils back there. As for screwing in the gas rod, I don't know. I know the two indentations on the bolt carrier are holding the gas rod in place. I think you have to drill them out? to be able to replace/adjust the gas rod. It was in the thread about a guy breaking the rod not long ago.
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