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  1. Thank you. Excellent, logical, detailed, professional and helpful.
  2. ibisko

    great price on new 7.62 saigas..$299.99

    if you are in or near north bay, ron @ suron enterptises in guernville has them for ^ $415 out the door, with tax and ffl, support local in state dealers
  3. For those of us, (cheap,lazy non- purists) who aren't going to move/replace the trigger group, but who reside in CA,-( where you need the bullet button prior to adding certain accessories to be legal) and want to add some "evil features" like pistol grip, forearm grip or muzzle brake, (and yes aware of need to comply with 922r) - Darrin and Craig at Assault Planet are exceptional for customer service and problem solving. The AKL/SSB Prince BB is the answer.